Friday, September 17, 2010

Womens Prison Massacre

Womens prison Massacre A.K.A. Emanuelle escapes Hell

This movie is about as good as you can get from the women in prison genre, although it doesnt do anything much different than most, it is a sort of a trend setter and does have it’s high points.
The film stars the lovely Laura gemser reprising her role of Emanuelle, this time she is imprisonned for what I am not quite sure.anyhow she makes a strong enemy inside the jail in Albeena who is a queen bee of sorts in the prison and is in tight with all the guards .Throughout the film these two go at it a few times in different forms of Combat/battle.One being a arm wrestling match in the begining that rivals Over the top with sylvester stallone only hotter, Then again in hand to hand combat while the guards watch, rooting on Albeena and later in a game of russian roulette.Anyway again i said this one does not stray too far from the typical women in prison film you have your requisite shower scenes and lesbianism and sexually frustrated female guards and wardens but this one gets extra charged when a group of male death row inmates attempt escape during transfer and are held up in the womens prison.once entering , the male inmates take over shooting an officer and then taking the female warden and inmates hostage.the movie really starts to pick up once the male convicts are added to the equation and so does the level of sex and sometimes rape although many of the women inmates are more than willing in this film.The film is never short on nudity which again is requisite for this kind of film but the gore is not lacking in this one either, unless you purchase the R rated version.Now I had seen this movie some years ago on VHS and recently bought it on DVD, Unbeknownst to me I bought the R rated DVD and let me just say that you are doing yourself a huge injustice in buying this version.There is a tremendous ammount of stuff cut from the R rated version such as A revenge castration, a few of the sex and nudie shots are cut extremely short and almost all of the shootings are cut off screen leaving you to just hear the shot fired and then view the end result and not even that in some more critical Scenes.Not only that but about five mins or so are cut from the end , making it really hard to know what really happens in the final few tense scenes.So If you are a fan of this Sub-genre as I am this is a must see but if you are going to do so be sure and seek out the unrated version.I have found a unrated DVD version wihich comes with another classic WIP film Caged women.
So all in all I would give this one (Unrated) a 3.5 out of 5
the R rated gets about a 2.5 or 3 at best.

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