Friday, September 17, 2010

Drive in Massacre

Drive in Massacre (1977)

Drive in massacre is your typical slasher flick ,just standard fare and quite sub par for that matter.The film surrounds a California Drive-in theatre and it’s strange employees.frisky couples begin getting slaughtered by a sword wielding madman.The police start investigating the case and start questioning some suspects.One is the manager of the theatre Mr.Johnson ,an overbearing jerk of a boss who belittled all of his employees,Germy a former sword swallower and circus geek who cleans the property during the day and patrols the theatre during the shows,and a peeping tom who stalks making out couples and masturbates car side .The people continue to drop like flies and the police find no leads.Until they get called to a warehouse where a machette wielding madman has offed two people and taken a hostage.the officers arrive and a gunfight ensues,with the cops killing the suspect (played by the films writer geaorge "buck" flowers of video vixens fame).The killer turns out to be the hostages father who had recently been released from the madhouse.Germy who was fired from the theatre returns with the theatre owners Sword collection to give his ex manager a "present .The cops arrive and witness someone being slaughtered on screen via the projector,When the officers open the projector room they find germy dead and the film ends with this quote "The senceless bloodbath that gripped theatres throughout california drive-ins has spread througout the country.Authorities say there are no clues to the killers identity and no end to the horror in sight.The killer could strike again anywhere,anytime,who will be next.?"
This film is just plain awful,There are virtually no redeeming factors whatsoever.the acting is bad ,the sound is horrible,the gore is lame.Just an all out horrible film made to cash in on the late 70’s drive in craze and the boom in the horror/slasher genre.
very boring film,it clocks in at just over 70 minutes and it seems much longer due to the sucktitude of this picture.
1 out of 5
Avoid this film like 1 guy 1 cup.
pointless film in general.

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