Friday, September 17, 2010

Girls Nite Out

Girls Nite Out : The Slashers Collection (1984)

Girls Nite out is your typical campus killer flick.The only thing that seperates this piece of schlock from other shitty slash by number films is The killer .The Killer in this film wears a bear suit with modifed knife claws,Sorta similar to freddie Krueger only Furrier.As usual we get introduced to the standard oboxious college kids and let me say this bunch is extremely annoying,Like always there is the jocks ,the jokesters ,The popular girls and the loner,And as always they are overly horny.Kids on the campus prepare for a costume party and scavenger hunt for one of the campus sororities and during the party we hear the story of Dickie cavanaugh.A former student who years ago went crazy and killed his girlfirend for cheating on him among a few other students during the same scavenger hunt some years ago,Poor dickie was institutionalised shortly after.We do see dickie in the begining of the movie hang himself in said sanitarium and his body turns up missing.Now back to the party ,During the festivities Mikey a loner of sorts sees his girlfriend cheating on him with the mascot of the b-ball team and he loses it storming out of the party,shortly after the mascot is killed and his costume ,A bear suit is stolen by the killer.This of course leads us to believe that it is the lonely Mike that is the killer.Kids start tuning up dead during the scavenger hunt and the local college Dj starts recieving some strange calls alerting him to the deaths of the students,in turn he alerts the campus security and cops are called to the scene to question certain members of the student body.throughout the entire film it tries very hard to make it seem that mike is the killer and as we all know that is not the case when they make it that obvious.The killer goes on to talk of Dickey cavanaugh and his twin sister Katie , who apparently goes to the college still.A few bodies later we find that it is in fact dickey’s twin sister that has been offing the kids and that she stole her brothers corpse before he was burried.The killings in this one are pretty lame and there is very little gore ,and for the most part we just see the dead bodies after the deed is done.This movie could easily pass for a PG rating these days due to the fact that there is no nudity in this one ,which is suprising for this type of film and the gore is very bland.If you enjoy Slasher flicks I still would encourage you to stray away from this one as it is truly one of the lamer of the bunch,You could do much ,much better even with a shitty one,you are probably better off,Unless you are an avid collector and need this to beef up your collection.Otherwise there is nothing outstanding in this one other than the stupid bear suit the killer wears through the enitre duration of the film.This one doesn’t even deliver any laughs unintentional or not.
Decent soundtrack though by some well known Musicians Liek "The Lovin’ spoonfull".
2 out of 5

Strictly for those who are serious collectors of Slasher films.

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