Friday, September 17, 2010

Igor and The Lunatics

Igor and the Lunatics (1985)

This one focuses on a hippie cult that follows Paul as there leader and worship him as a sort of god.paul convinces the group to move away from the city into a compound in the forest.Un the begining we meet our main members being Paul ,and his henchmen bernard and lead priest Igor, we also meet sharon and tom.Paul has a thing for sharon whom is toma wife,she gets pregnant and paul believes that the child she is carrying is his.Turns out the child is toms.The cops raid the compound for drugs and missing persons and the cult disperses for the most part ,with paul and his main men getting arrested.During the raid sharon ditches her then infant child.Shortly after a man named hawk takes the child in and raises him.We catch up with the group some 20 years later and Tom is now remarried,Sharon is a drugged out prostitute and pau is released from jail and him and his henchmen plan to start their whole mission again.Tom is in search for sharon in order to find his missing child and to no luck,until one day Marryanne (Toms wife) finds a strange young man searching through her house,when she confronts him he runs and hurts his ankle,then he demeands to be taken to Hawk ,the man who raised him.Long story short the child turns out to be toms lost son.After this discovery things get a bit confusing with tom taking on Paul and his gang.Meanwhile paul and Igor start picking off several people in town and tom and marryannes friends.Paul is still convinced that the kid is his .This movie is really a strange one and I am finding it hard to word exactly how everything goes down.So I will just say that it is a interesting story with a few twists and turns and some decent gore tossed in.We get treated to a few good slashing ,hatchet jobs ,a woman sawed in half a heart torn out a couple crossbow shots and alot of strange characters.If you enjoy slashers this is a pretty decent one especially considering it came from Troma studios.It strays pretty clear of the typical troma fare like slapstick and over the top acting ,other than the Igor character is really overwehlming,which I guess is ok considering he is supposed to be the loose cannon of the bunch.As far as Non Toxie/class of nuke em high troma films go this one is pretty good.It tires to take on the Manson family style psycho hippie topic to the extremes and succeeds on some accounts , so You could do worse.I did find this one fun but don’t know that it deems much rewatchability though.Enjoyable but confusing at times.
2.75 out of 5

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