Friday, September 17, 2010


Up! (1976)

Russ Meyer’s Up!
Written By: Roger Ebert

Up! is one of my favorite Meyers films although it is a bit hard to follow at times.This is the tale Margot Winchester,Sort of.....
The film Opens with a odd scene where Adolf Schwarts (A man who bares a striking resemblance to Adolf hitler) is being flogged by a man in a pilgrim outfit (Paul) and getting smothered by several very well endowed Voluptuous women.One "the Ethiopian chef" A beautiful busty black woman with a taste for face sitting, A lovely Stacked and packed Asian women and A very busty Woman in a gimp mask taken with tit slapping whom I believe may be played by Uschi Diggard (Who associate produced this film).Adolf demands that paul finish him off with some gay sex for a promised bonus.After all these shenanigans ensue we see Adolf eaten alive by a piranha in his bathtub.Now we meet Margot (Raven De La Croix) ,who is from out of town and instantly garners the attention from the towns males due to her Stunning good looks and her natural endowments.First she is stopped by the town sheriff during her jog and he offers her a ride which she politely declines,shortly after she is approached by a young man who tries his best to charm her,he succeeds and takes her off the main road and proceeds to rape her after a pretty brutal fight scene,when Margot is eventually knocked out we get introduced to one of the films running gags,All the men in this movie have gigantic Fake penises,I mean outlandishly big ,like two or three feet big.anyway after the rape she comes to and tosses the man judo style and breaks his neck killing him.The sheriff witnesses this and arrests her for the murder but tells her he will let her off if she gives him a piece of the action,which she all too easily accepts this offer.Margot and the sheriff now begin a sort of relationship.The sheriff gets margot a job at the Local truck stop restaraunt "Alices Diner" run by Lil’ Alice and her Husband paul.Buisness booms once Margot comes on and everything is on the up and up.Until Margot and paul start there own little side thing.Throughout the entire film There is a narrator "The Greek Chorus" played by Kitten Natividad whom is constantly runing down all the info on the films characters and ties them all in as suspects in the murder of Adolf schwarts.The towns Lumberjack Ray comes on the scene and becomes the prime suspect due to his size and demeanor and the fact he carries an axe with him everywhere he goes.Alice opens a second diner due to their newfound success with Margots help and on opening night Margot decides to put on a show, dancing for the patrons.This riles up our friendly lumberjack and he starts to get a bit touchy,when paul jealously tries to interveen he is thrown down and knocked out and this sets ray into a frenzy and he rapes Margot And later Alice in front of all the hapless patrons.The sheriff is called to the scene and we get an impromptu Axe fight and then Chainsaw brawl,Leading to both the Sheriff and ray to fall off a cliff killing them both. Alice and Margot who were both kidnapped by the lumberjack embrace after the ordeal is over.Paul sees this embrace and seems over joyous ,thinking he is in luck and gonna get both the girls for his own.Margot heads home afterwards to take a shower and we get a play on the famous Psycho shower scene revealing The killer .I will leave this part from here on out for you to see because going any further will spoil the whole movie since this is the twist to end the film.It is a rather nice and hillarious twist mind you .All I will say is that Adolf Schwarts was indeed Hitler and I will leave the rest for you to figure out.If you are a fan of Meyer’s films This is a good one and if you enjoy sex comedies this one is top notch.I Personally love all of the above so I enjoyed this one thoroughly.The film has all the Russ meyer trademarks of nice atmosphere and photography , lots of nudity and close ups of both breasts and bush,and of course extremely gorgeous women.Films today just dont have women like these in them anymore, Nowadays everyone has to be rail thin and Meyers was known for finding some of the most beautiful busty full figured femmes ever to grace the screen.This one doesn’t stray far from the typical meyers flick and that is not a bad thing in my opinion.There is alot of fun to be had with this one for all to enjoy,the narration by Natividad is great and the writing for her role is actually very well done ,almost shakespearian and there is also lots of dick jokes for those who enjoy something a bit more low brow.Some great lines that come to mind in the low brow department are "taste the black sperm of my vengeance." and one scene involving Margot talking to the sheriff after he secretly was just having a fling with Pocohantas ,she says to him "Your dick is all red,have you been fucking an indian.?" that kind of politically incorrect humor would not fly in todays time and that is part of the cahrm of these films in my opinion.So once again Good ol’ Russ comes through with a winner.This one is a bit hard to find on DVD or any format for that matter and if you do find it they are rather exspensive,I luckily found a used out of print copy at Amoeba in Berkeley Today and I have had it in avi. format for awhile.But if you can find it I suggest you pick it up and give it a watch.
4 out of 5

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