Friday, September 17, 2010

Welcome to Spring Break

Welcome to Spring break (1988)
A.K.A. Nightmare Beach

This film is extremely dated,I mean it just screams 80’s from begining to end.We start off with the execution of Diablo the Leader of a Motorcycle gang The Demons,He is senetnced to the electric chair for the murder of a young girl during the previous years spring break.During the execution Diablo keeps going on about how he was framed while the arresting officer,Officer Strycher (John Saxon) is ridiculing him.After the execution we get several scenes of a spring break complete with lots of beer,bikini’s and of course a wet t-shirt competition.All the stereotypical 80’s movie cliche’s are here.We Meet our hero/lead Skip a buff blonde querterback and his obnoxious overly sex minded Latin friend from the team,we get the priest who deams all the excess of spring break sin,the crooked cop in form of john f’n Saxon,The irritating nerd who is always pulling pranks And the Ice queen who warms up once meeting the jock hero(who just happens to be the sister of the girl diablo was executed for killing) .Then we meet our killer of the film ,a mysterious biker who has altered his bike to be a killing machine ,complete with a electricution chair for a backseat,he picks up a girl hitchhiking and then speeds off scarring her ,when she asks to stop he presses a button and presto she is shocked and lit a flame.The killer in this film always uses either electrity or fire to deal with his victims.well people start turning up dead and The police suspect that it is Diablo back from the dead since his body dissapeared before he was burried,Although there are alot of signs that point in the direction of the crooked cop being the killer later in the film,like when our two heroes search the officers house and find pitures of all the victims and some rather questionable sexual aides as well.One of the bikers is arrested for questioning in the murders but the slaying continues ,so instead of releasing him the crooked cop keeps him in jail in order to try and keep the case under wraps.Then of course the Demons M.C. break him out of jail while all the officers are out on beach patrol.The movie comes to a very 80’s style close equipt with cheesy 80’s pop band playing live at the beach,because really no 80’s film is complete without a shitty concert scene right.?In the closing moments they try and pull a double swerve on who the killer truly is and the killer meets a fitting end,death by electricution after he flies off his bike during a chase into some electric wires.If you are the kind of person who takes delight in all things 80’s than this movie should be right up your alley,it is chock filled with cheesy dialogue,acting ,music and fashion that was the era in general.I would even go as far as to say that this should be in every 80’s fans movie collection,but with that said it doesn’t mean it’s good because it’s really is not.Then again most of the movies I will review here in general are not going to be great by mainstream standards.
2.5 out of 5
I cannot stress enough how much of an 80’s film this one least you get a few nice nude shots of big haired wet t-shirt contestants ....Maybe it’s because I was raised in the 80’s but I will always have a soft spot for non-silicone having hair bears....That could be it.

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