Friday, September 17, 2010

Not Quite Hollywood

Not Quite Hollywood (2009)

Well lately I have not had much time for watching and reviewing films due to my hectic work schedule ,I am working two full time jobs currently and when not on the clock I have ben busy getting back into my music , recording new songs for my solo project and songs for the Swift’s garage mixtape .The soundtrack to my friends and my Web Show titled Swift’s Garage on youtube at (shameless plug).
Anyway i did have time recently to check out a rather awesome documentary "Not quite Holywood" which spotlights Ozploitation films (Australlian Exploitation) for those not in the know.The film first focuses on the sex comedy romps from down under in the early 70’s like(The naked bunnyip/The Alvin series/Fellicity) and the problems they had with extreme censorship before a new prime minister came into power in the mid 70’s and then the Drive-in’s became flooded with extremely graphic sex flicks and Mondo style docs such as The ABC’s of sex and love Australlian style and Australlia after dark which all became hugely popular.Around the same time Aussie Horror and Action flicks became insanely popular and began to push the limits of exteme violence.While some films like Patrick and Night of Fear focussed more on story and atmosphere some films like Inn of the Damned and Mightmares were straight up gore cinema.Most of these films focussed on in this documentary have faded into obscurity some had major mainstream success like Mad Max which spawned the Post Appocalyptic film genre and gave a new life to action and stunt heavy films ,heavy on car chases , crashes and huge explosions.Alot of these films were filmed in a very guerilla style and actually Australlia suffered from quite alot of fatalities on set due to extreme stunts performed during filming.The Doc goes in depth on several very awesome looking hidden gems and really presents them in a positive light,with insights from Quentin tarrentino among several Australlian actors , stunt men and directors of the time.The film goes into show the major inspirations some of these odd films have had on american cinema.If you are a fan of exploitation cinema you should definitley check this one out,and I gauruntee you will find out about some films you will no doubt seek out afterwards.Later in the film it speaks of the death of the drive in’s and how Home video kind of killed the genre and Australlian film makers started fcussing on more artsy films and peiod pieces.I am anxiously awaiting several of these before unknown (to me) films to arrive now from Netflix and I hope to add some reviews of some awesome Ozploitations in the near futher.
Definitley check this one out it is truly awesome.5 Stars for this one truly a must see.

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