Friday, September 17, 2010

The Guinea Pig Series pt.2&3

The guinea Pig series is a series of 6 films released in Japan during the mid to late
80’s .The films garnered some popularity in the states when Charlie Sheen viewed one of the films and was convinced it was a legitimate snuff film,The films had already sparked some controversy in Japan prior to that and they were banned for something close to 15 years.They were re-released uncut on dvd a few years back by Unearthed films,and since have went out of print once again.
I recently got my hands on the entire series via avi. format but I do have the 2nd and 3rd installments on dvd.The following review is for the ones i have on DvD and I will be reivewing the entire series down the road.

Mermaid in the Manhole
Mermaid I believe is the second film in the guinea pig series and it follows a painter who frequently goes down in the sewers where a river once was ,that he would play at during his childhood.While in the sewer he runs across a mermaid that he had painted when he was younger.The mermaid has gotten ill due to her surroundings and has started to grow some pretty nasty boils in her stint down in the sewer.The painter decides to take the mermaid to his house in order to help nurse her back to health and to Paint her once again.While at his apartment the Mermaids condition worsens and seh begins to slowly die from the painfull boils and wounds she continues to break out with.The painter decides to start using her blood and Pus to paint his masterpiece,until eventually the mermaid begs to be killed.He does finish the painting though....
The film is full of some gross out moments being that most of the film is just shots of her boils getting worse and exploding fluids everywhere,but I thought it would be a bit more graphic due to the hype these films have recieved.The best way to sun this one up is a cross between H.G. Lewis’s Color me Blood Red and a twisted version of the Little Mermaid.
2.5 out of 5

He Wont Die
This is a short film and the third installment of the series.The film centers around a depressed buisnessman who wants to kill himself ,which does not turn out to be so easy he finds,once he cuts his wrist and it stops bleeding shortly after.The man realises that he cannot feel pain , not only that but he is immortal .He then tries a few other ways to kill himself to no avail.The film sports some pretty decent gore affects especially for the time the film was made and the film puts in a few gags here and there.It is a gore comedy of sorts and only runs about 35 mins.I did ejoy this one a bit more than the second installment but if it would have went any longer I could see people getting uneasy with this film quickly as there is alot of blodd and guts for such a short flick.
3 out of 5

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