Friday, September 17, 2010

Ilsa She Wolf of th S.S.

This is the first installment in the Infamous Exploitation Ilsa Trilogy starring the ravashing Dyanne Thorne.
The movie tells the story of Ilsa a comendant in Hitlers third reich.She runs a concentration camp of sorts and performs some strange and very brutal experiments within her camp.Thorne plays the role of Ilsa wonderfully and truly is convincing in her role of a evil ,sadistic soldier in hitlers army.She searches for sexual satisfaction through this film ,by picking several men from the camp to use as her toys,and if they fail to satisfy her needs she often castrates the men afterwards to add to her collection of munichs.One man in particular though is a spy of sorts and has a secret "weapon" to fight off Ilsa,turns out the guy can fuck forever and low and behold he gets to see Ilsa’s softer sides more than enough in this picture,which as a viewer is great because she is absolutley stunning in all her glory.Long story short she drops her gaurd for this guy and it comes back to bite her in her ass.The nazi’s find out she has fallin for said man and she is "killed" in the end along with most of the nazi party,without giving too much away I will leave the description at that.If you are looking for a good Nazi-sploitation sub genre film I would say this is a good starting point for any cinema fan,there are quite a few films in the genre that are a bit more disturbing and gory but this one is easily the most well known and probably easiest to find.
If you are the kind of film fan that I am and enjoy some cheesy dialogue from time to time and alot of pre-silicone flesh pots than you cant go wrong here.
Not only does this film have the stunning Dyanne Thorne in the leading role of Ilsa it has alot of flesh to feast your eyes upon strone about the whole film and also a cameo of My personal favorite Russ Meyer "Vixen" 70’s porn goddess Uschi Diggart.
If you enjoy this one check out S.S. experiment/Love Camp another standard berrer of this cute little sub-genre known as Nazi-sploitation.
In the end I would give this one 3 out of 5 stars
Hope you all enjoy

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