Monday, September 20, 2010

Don't Go in The House

Don't Go In The House (1980)

This entertaining little gem is the story of Donnie, A strange construction worker at a incineration site. It seems that Donnie has some serious Mommy issues since his mother used to punish him by holding his arms over a burning stove while he was a child in order to "Burn The Evil out of Him". Obviously this has scarred him in more ways than one now that he is an adult.One day when arriving home from work Donnie finds his mother dead and instead of calling for help he begins to hear voices telling him that he is "free now" and he can do whatever he wants, So naturally he blasts his stereo and runs through the house with reckless abandon like a child left home alone for the first time. Unfortunately the voices telling him he is free are not the only voices he hears now as His mother continues to scold him from beyond the dead.Donnie heads out on the town and buys a fire proof suit and flame thrower from a local gun shop and begins to build his own crematorium in his house. Then Donnie begins his violent streak picking up random women in need of help and offers his services, little do they know these rides and favors will be detoured  to his house for a brief visit to the newly built addition to his house where he chains the girls up and burns them down with his Flamethrower.There is only one shot of a victim actually dying in this brutal fashion but the F/X used are extraordinary considering the year this film was made.Once his victims are fried he dresses them up and places them in a empty room on display. Most of the film focuses on the voices tormenting Donnie and his deterioration into madness, Which is much like the scenes in "Maniac" of the same year and add a nice depth to his character. There is a side story involving Donnies only friend Bobby whom he works with and eventually Bob convinces Donnie to go out on the town with him in order to get Donnies mind off his mothers "Illness" and they head to the disco for a double date where Bob is witness to Donnies madness when he throws a Lit candle on his date on the dance floor.  This leads us to the films interesting and fiery conclusion when Donnie leaves the disco and comes across two women looking for a ride when he convinces them to go to his house for a party. The closing scenario is also very similar to "Maniac" when Donnie is locked in the room with his victims corpses and they appear to come alive, Donnie then let's loose with the flame thrower burning himself and his house to the ground. Then right before the credits roll we get a scene of a child being beaten by his mother and shortly after voices telling the child that they will protect him and that he will soon be free, Making this movie sort of a really fucked up P.S.A. against Child abuse, Which I thought was kind of a clever twist to the story and gave this movie some more meaning behind it's brutality. All in All this makes for a decent slasher style flick which focuses more on the mind of the killer as opposed to the actual act of killing and gore just for gores sake and sometimes that makes for a better all together film. If you are into psycho-thrillers and you enjoy 80's slashers than this should be up your alley but I think "Maniac" did a similar theme much better and managed to up the gore at the same time.  A decent film to burn time that doesn't just go up in flames....."Yeah I just Did that, What of it?"
3.5 out of 5

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