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Dolemite (1975)

Dolemite is a caracter created from teh mind of Rudy Ray Moore, Comedian and widely renowned as the godfather of rap due to his incorporation of rhyming in hish comic bits.Rudy decides to take his most famous character to the big screen here to legendary results.
The story follows Dolemite who was framed for having stolen merchandise and selling and producing cocaine.He is sentenced to 20 years but a loyal friend of his Queen Bee is continously vouching for his innocence to the warden.Finally all this pays off and the warden decides to let Dolemite out of prison under the condition that he help find the ones responisible for the outbreak of drugs and guns running rampant in the ghetto.Once relesed from the clink Dolemite is met by his kung-fu fighting strippers and they hit the streets looking for the bad guys.While Dolo was in prison his night club "The Experience" was bought by Willie Brown (Du’rville Martin: Hell up in Harlem/Boss Nigger/Soul of Nigger Charlie/Black Caesar)
A low life pimp and drug peddler,Who has his hands in everything on the Blackmarket and some very high powered friends in the Mayor and the crooked cops who originally framed Dolemite.We are treated to the greatness that is Rudy Ray Moore Kung-Fu as most of the film features some of the worst fighting scenes in movie history and plenty of them .The badly coreographed fights are just as much of a Rudy ray Moore film trademark as his endless muthafuckas and dirty rhyming punchlines.Through the film we meet a interesting collection of characters such as the Preacher who secretly has affairs with women and stores massive ammounts of firearms in his church,The Mayor and dirty cops who are stereotypical evil rich Whitey characters and My Favorite movie character of all time THE HAMBURGER PIMP.The Hamburger pimp is only in this film for a short time but he is simply awesome,he is a local homeless junkie who begs for burgers from lunchtrucks and pickpockets for dough to get his fix,the thing that sets him apart from all other junkies.....He has his own theme music,which plays everytime he walks on screen.His awesomeness is shortly lived though because he offers some info to Dolemite in exchange for cash and is murdered shortly after.During that scene infact poor Dolemite is framed for murder and jailed yet again.No fear though because no simple bars can keep him caged and he is released yet agin to kick more ass.We meet an F.B.I. agent (Jerry Jones: The Hitman)who works along side Dolemite to take out the powers that be in Willie Brown the cops and the mayor.The final showdown takes place after Dolemite regains control of his nightclub and puts on a big show for the patrons including some musical acts the Dolemite dancers and of course a performance by Dolemite himself doing his famous "Signifying Monkey " Bit,which he did do off screen in his stand up career.
Willie Brown wants to become partners with doloemite and he declines as only Dolemite can.This news sends willie into a frenzy and willie and his boys open fire in the club.The final fight scene is something to behold,with alot of horiible acting and cheesy action of the Kung fu dolemite girls kickin ass and takin names.Willie and his boys are taken out but that leaves the Mayor and the cops still to go.We get a car chase involving the Mayor and the F.B.I. agent which ends in the mayor getting shot somewhat anti climacticaly .After that we see the agent visiting Dolemite in the hospital where the cops attempt to take out Dolo while he is weakened.this of course does not work out.
If you enjoy Blaxploitation films this one is a must see and if you have never heard of Rudy Ray moore you would be wise to check his stuff out.Dolemite is probably the most popular character to come out of the Blaxploitation era and genre other than Shaft and Superfly.Rudy inspired a ton of african american performers rappers and commedians during his life and I for one am not black but he was honestly a huge inspiration to me growing up and I would even go as far too say that when it comes to my writing (Rap/songs/poetry) Rudy and Charles Bukowski would have to be the two most influential figures while crafting my own style.
4 out of 5

If you like bad movies and cheesy fun this is one of the best out there period.
If you have not seen Dolemite you need to ,so go out and do it now ...
you no buisness baren , insecure mutha--Fuckahs!!!

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