Friday, September 17, 2010

Die! You Zombie Bastards!

Die you zombie Bastards! (2005)

If you enjoy troma films,south park or low brow humor i.e. Fart,dick,poop jokes.This is the movie for you.This is the story of red and violet a newlywed couple who happen to be Psychotic killers,Violet is captured by Baron von Nefarious who plans on turning her into his zombie love slave via his Zombatron (a machine used to turn the living into zombies) and it is up to Red Toole ,now dawning a superhero costume made of human flesh to save the day.Most of the movie follows Red as he travels from country to country and state to state looking for clues to help him find his beloved Violet.During his travels red meets a large array of interesting characters from Super Inga a swedish bartender with mutilated nipples,A witch doctor who tells the tale of Coconuthead face man,
and starvos a friend of the witch doctor who is constantly crossing reds path in different forms (played by Porn star Jamie Gillis).there are quite a few funny scenes in this flick and it kinda reminded me of Orgasmo a bit.The characters of Red and Violet actually appeared in a short film for Tromdance vol.1 entitled "Red’s Breakfast 2: dawn of the Red" back in 1997 , so i guess that would explain the overall troma film feel of this movie. If you can enjoy a movie that pokes fun at itself and you can just let your brain wander for awhile this is a pretty entertaining flick with alot of little side stories and little segments that add to the fun , for example during one fight scene it is cut then goes into a parody of old mexican superhero flicks.I thoroughly enjoyed this one and honestly during the first few minutes of the film I thought I was not going to but in the end it won me over.So again If you are a fan of troma or low brow humor and some gore thrown in for extra measure you can’t go wrong here.
3 out of 5

Pretty fun little flick to just to kill and hour or so.

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