Friday, September 17, 2010

The Newlydeads

The newlydeads (1987)

The Newlydeads takes place in a Honeymooners Lodge owned by Lloyd a playboy of sorts.The movie starts off with a young single woman checking inot the hotel and needs a room to take a load off after a long raod trip.Once chacked in Lloyd offers her a bottle of wine and company,Then lloyd starts putting the moves on this young woman and all is going well until Lloyd accidently removes the womans wig revealing that the waoman is in fact a Transvestite.At this point Llyd flips out and engages in a fist fight with said cross dresser coming uo short in hand to hand combat Lloyd stabs and kills the young Transgendered woman with an Ice pick.
Flash Forward 15 years and we re connect with lloyd on his wedding day,which is interupted by a corpse in a wedding dress that apparently only lloyd can see.Meanwhile a couple heading out for vacation run over the corpse/ghost and the wife of said couple is a psychic and can see Jackie’s corpse as well.After a argument the couple decide to stay the night at Lloyds Lodge and Cris "the psychic" decides to do some investigating on this corpse and she finds out that Lloyd had killed her.Throughout the film we learn that Jackie is out for revenge and that she has become a very powerful spirit with the ability to shapeshift ,becoming any person she wants and also she has the power to take over humans when she touches them.We meet some other couples staying at the lodge that serve only as fodder for the body count in the film as jackie offs most of them in rather unoriginal ways.jackie takes over Lloyds wife in a shower scene while lloyd and his wife are having sex and when he sees Jackie he ends up stabbing her but in turn actually ends up killing his wife.After this point Cris and Lloyd plot to take out jackie for good.Let me just say that this film is absolute shit and I find it funny that they make a hero out of the lodge owner who killed jackie in the begining just because she was transgendered.Most would consider that a hate crime I would thnk,it’s kind of like making the KKK heroes in a film about black children ghosts.The movie is more homo-phobic than anything I have ever seen.I just dont understand how you could glamourise the murder of someone just because they are different and make that out to be a good thing.Now if Lloyd were to die and they still offed the jackie character in the end than fine but to make the Hatefull owner of the hotel the hero is just beyond me.Now this is not the only reason this movie is awful there are plenty of reasons,The cast seemingly grows non stop through the film and some characters just serve no purpose at all ,they pop in and than you never see them again.The gore is awful the acting is awful and I just really disapprove of the message the film is sending by making the Homophobic hotel owner /Hate crime killer a good guy is just not right.Now I am not gay but even I thought this was low .
this movie sucks,point blank .thank god it is only an hour and ten minutes long.
The only saving grace of this film is tht there are a few nice looking women in the film and you get to see afew boobs but that does not even come close to righting the wrongs in this flick.
1 out of 5
Don’t waste your time on this one unless you really have a hatred for trannies.
Which I don’t I think they are lovely people.

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