Friday, September 17, 2010

Deadly Weapons

Deadly Weapons (1974)

Deadly weapons stars the extremely over endowed Chesty Morgan (credited here as Zsa Zsa) as Crystal.Crystal’s boyfriend hangs with a rough crowd and is murdered by the Mafia he works alongside with, Just before marrying crystal.
He is killed by his two best friends(one of which is played by the infamous porn star Harry Reems of Deep Throat ) while on the phone proposing marriage to crystal.So Crystal swears to get revenge on those who killed her would be husband.She goes undercover as a Burlesque dancer (stripper) in Las vegas to hunt down her lovers assailants,and once she finds them she seduces and does away with the mafia in some very interesting ways ,literally using her breasts at times as weapons.Hence the films title Deadly Weapons.This film is in no way good and is billed as being a huge success in the New York grindhouses in the 70’s and the only way I can see why, is that The allure and intrigue of getting to see Chesty’s 73 inch heavy Hangers.Now I for one Love the female form and a womans breasts in particular ,I am a huge fan of late 60’s early 70’s "sexploitation" films and some of the women that genre made famous such as Uschi Diggart and Kitten Natividad but that said Chesty’s breasts are not all that appealing to the eye and she is nowhere near as attractive as some of the more well-known actresses of the genre.So I guess she got the billing on pure size alone.This movie is nowhere near good but it could be fun for a lazy evening or a B-movie night sometime, but you could do much better if you are looking for some grotuetus breast shots ,I mean you would be better off hunting down some Russ Meyer films instead. Up! (Megavixens) and Mondo topless spring to mind right away.The film Deadly weapons on dvd released by Something Weird comes
with a double billing alongside Chesty morgan’s other venture into grindhouse film, Double Agent 73’ which is a very similar film just alot of fluff leading up to endless amount of shots of chesty’s well....chest of course.
With all this said I would give this one 2 out of 5
I have seen worse but not much worse than this and it does serve up some good unintended...? laughs .

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