Friday, September 17, 2010

Geek (Backwoods)

A.K.A. Backwoods (1987)

A couple on a backpacking/hiking/Bike riding trip get lost in the woods and stumble upon a hillbilly hunting there.He is with a small wounded girl and it appears the Hill billy is going to shoot the girl to put her out of her misery.The hiker turns out to be a doctor and he stops this and helps the girl back to health,The hillbilly invites the couple back to his farm and they have dinner and conversate exhanging information on eachother while drinking moonshine.The next day while the doctors girlfriend Karen is skinnydipping she is stalked and then chased by a drooling seemingly retarded hillbilly,she runs back to evans farm and the strange guy is apparently his son william who happens to be a Geek (One who bites heads off chickens,Not programs video games).karen has quite a few run ins with Will as h is constantly peeping in on her and following her around.Evan tells the doctor that will had killed one of his wives and that "He ain’t right",this obviously makes the doc uneasy being that she is alone on the farm with the young girl and will.He heads back to the farm just in time to save her from will who is trying to kill her.Evan has a heart attack while running and the doc shoots will,which does not kill him and in turn will bites the doc on the neck.Karen and the Geek run into the woods and she builds a rather intricate trap involving chicken wire and fish hooks to trap him.Will of course runs right into this and is offed in violent fashion.After the final showdown between karen and will we see a man in the barn who appears to be karens boyfriend talking to himself and eating chicken heads,leading us to believe that he has went nuts and there will be a sequel,well needless to say there never was.
I had never heard of this film before and stumbled upon it while shopping around on Cinema De Bizzare ,A site that specializes in hard to find and rare horror,porn ,and exploitation cinema.I read the summary of this film and it sounded interesting much like Humongous did and again I was a bit dissapointed.Since the entire cast of this film consists of six people obviously there are not many people to be offed in this one and I was going into this one expecting a hack and slash fest which I did not get.The story was good and the acting was not bad,in fact the guy who played William was very convincing and downright creepy in his role.I was just let down a bit by the lack of action in this one.The film does manage to build up a bit of suspence thought thanks too the creepy scenery and acting by the rednecks.This films is virtually impossible to track down and honestly it really is not worth the effort.This is another one that is strictly for those looking to collect rare slashers and this one is as rare as it gets.
2.5 out of 5

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