Friday, September 17, 2010

Reform School Girls

Reform School Girls

Reform school girls is the tale of jennifer who is caught up in a mess when she is arrested for assisting her boyfriend in a robbery I believe.She is sent to a reform school in lew of prison due to her being underage, now first of all Not only is this "reform" school filled with women roaming around in their lingerie all day these"girls" are obviously in their mid to late 30’s so why they are still in reform school is beyond me.This film is more of a Women in prison flick than anything.The Prison ....I mean reform school is led by the main guard Edna a.k.a. eddy who is a obnoxious overly butch acting overweight lady and the warden played by Sybil Danning (howling series).The school is split into a few sects we have here the "good" girls which is our lead jennifer , a young girl lisa who is an orfan of sorts and a really stereotypical lesbian complete with butch hair-do and overly tomboy clothing (her name escapes me), The Black girls gang which consists of the only two black girls in the movie and they could be lumped up into the good group and The over the top Biker slut / punk rock chick gang led by Charlie who is the lead villian other than Edna and she has A really smokin body but her face looks like the typical haggard Bar chick in her 40’s that you will run into at most dive bars in your local area (or at least around where I live).The film follows the standard women in prison routine, lead girl plans escape by seducing a worker on site , worker then rats her out she is put in solitary and then madness ensues between the rival gangs .riots and shower scenes follow and there you have it until the warden and her guards get theirs in the end when all the inmates come together to revolt.Not a bad flick for the genre , matter of fact there is alot of fun to be had watching this flick and there are some pretty funny / tacky lines strewn about , two that come to mind right off the bat are....warden talking to Edna "It’s time to put on your fuck you boots and start kicking." and the seduced worker talking to jennifer in a truckbed before gettin’ him some "Sit on my face and I will guess your weight." classic, try that out on a first date and see how far it gets you guys.I had seen this movie awhile back and I recently bought this one on accident thinking it was Deliquent school girls which is a much different movie but fun just the same.
All in all I would give this one a 3.5 out of 5

Delinquent school girls is much better though but if you enjoy women in prison flicks this is a lighter take on the genre and again is alot of fun too watch if you enjoy fluff.
happy watching.

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