Friday, September 17, 2010

Disco Godfather

Disco Godfather (1979)
A.K.A. The Avenging Disco Godfather

Growing up I was always into off-beat cinema ,ever since I could remember.As a kid some of my favorite movies were Neon Maniacs,Basket Case,A clockwork Orange and Texas Chainsaw massacre.Now with that said,From elementary through Jr. High The majority of my friends were Black so it became natural that my introduction into exploitation cinema would be blaxploitation,I had seen Superfly and shaft on my own but it wasnt until a friend of mine who would come over every morning before school to eat homemade chocolate chip cookies and watch sanford and son introduced me to this lovely film.Ever since I first Saw Disco Godfather I fell in love with the genre.All the stories were so over the top,everyone had a whole different take on the english language ,all the music was awesome and on top of all that everyone knew karate.As a kid I was taking in by this genre and to this day I still have a soft spot for Blaxploitation film.Now onto the Film in Question here.Disco Godfather stars The infamous African American Stand-up Comedian Rudy Ray Moore or more famously known as Dolemite.Moore Plays Tucker Williams the owner of The Blueberry Disco.One day his nephew a NBA prospect comes into the club doped up and freaking out,he is then sent to a psych ward and suffers from severe hallucinations.Tucker sets out to find out the root of this problem and it turns out that someone is selling PCP (angel Dust) or Whack as it is referred to in this movie,and it seems to be spreading like wildfire.Tucker than contacts his friends at the Police precinct he once worked for and tells them that he is on a mission To "Attack The Whack".Mr.Williams hits the turf to rid the neighborhood of this epidemic and wipe the streets clean with his funky brand of justice.Turns out that a local playboy and Basketball team owner is the head of this angel dust organization.Tucker hooks up with a karate fighting sidekick and they commence to whoopin’ ass.The things I love about Rudy Ray moore movies the most are first all the acting and fighting scenes are completely over the top and borderline slapstick and Rudy ray Moore is quite the wordsmith constantly coming up with great phrases and forming most sentences in rhyme ,Some would even consider moore as the Godfather of rap.If you have seen or heard any of his stand-up you know what I am talking about (and if you havent you definitley should)..the acting in some scenes in this film are simply laughable,I mean during one of the fight scene you could see another actor waiting for his cue to jump in,in plain sight(if you catch it you will laugh your ass off.).Anyway back to the film.Tucker finally finds the main headquarters after his karate sidekick is offed in an apartment and he questions the witnesses and suspects ,one of which was his nephews friend whom got him addicted to the Whack ,once he spills the beans about a crooked cop tucker and the police chief set up the ominous officer into leading them right to the main warehousing facility.At the plant Tucker is faced with a dozen karate fighting drug peddlers and fiends until he is knocked out and locked up with a giant PCP fueled man beast in a chain mesh jumpsuit,Our hero is again beaten and when he awakes he is tied up with a PCP pumping gas mask strapped to his face,which leads to the Climx of the film and some tripped out hallucinations suffered by Tucker.This film is basically an adult version of a afternoon special about the dangers of drugs all wrapped up with disco fashion and funky ass music.If you are a fan of Blaxploitation you gotta check this one out and if you know of Dolemite you probably already have seen it,although it is the least popular in the Rudy Ray Moore series ,it is my favorite.This movie is hillarious and always brings back awesome memories for me everytime I watch it.
So I gotta rate this one 4 out of 5
though that is a bit bias due to the nostalgia factor and personal attachmet to the film.
So pick this one up and grab a cup,Take a sit and watch this shit ...
"Put your weight on it,put your weight on it ,Put your weight on it.!!!!!!"

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