Friday, September 17, 2010


Trash (1970)
Trash is the tale of joe (joe Dellasandro) A junky in New york city,although they mention the filmore throughout the whole film so I thought it was set in SF at first.
He lives with his drug addicted / whore girlfriend and they scavnge through garbage to sell to make a living.Joe runs into alot of strange individuals throughout this film , such as a LSD addicted "rich" woman who takes joe in and ries to befriend him until joe tries to rape her after she belittles him for being a junky.He fails in this attempt due to him not being able to "rise" to the occasion,this is a reoccuring theme in this flick.See Joe cant get it up anymore due to his addiction to heroin amongst other things.Joe also runs into a newlywed couple after breaking into theor house,these folks are also a strange bunch since the wife is constantly trying to persuade joe into a threesome with the couple,that is until he nearly od’s in their house.Holly ,joes girlfriend has a pregnant sister that wants to give up her child to them in order to get them on welfare,which does not work out so well due to a arguement involving the welfare worker,holly a pair of silver shoes and a pillow.Sounds odd I know you will have to watch the film to fully understand that summary.90% of the movie has Joe dalllesandro (Joe) walking around nude ,so if full frontal male junk makes you uneasy than this film is not for you.but I would go to say that you are missing out by not seeing this one.The film is shot very rough and the acting is rather convincing ,all the actors pull off the roles given to them with a natural feeling accuracy.Trash is part of Paul morrisey’s trilogy on new york street/nightlife of new york in the 70’s and this one is really good.It is a serious film and not much is funny about it.It tells the tale of the junkie with a no bones no hold barred approach.I would compare it to the later film Kids but much darker.I am anxious to watch the other two films after seeing this one and if they are as good or even close to the quality of this one then I have been missing out for awhile.
The film was I believe co-produced by new york legend Andy warhol and features a few actors/friends notorious for his circle such as Joe Dallesandro his resident boy toy of sorts and geri miller ( whom the film Factory girl was based on) in a small role in the begining as a go go dancer.
alot of nudity and drug use obviously and rather depressing but that is what this film is supposed to be.It does not take the subject matter lightly.
I would give this one 4 out of 5 easily Highly recomended for those looking for a serious film about a serious topic and real life people in real life situations (sort of)

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