Friday, September 17, 2010

Thriller: A Cruel Picture

Thriller : A Cruel Picture (1973)
A.K.A. Hooker’s Revenge A.K.A. They Call Her One Eye

Thriller: A Cruel Picture is better known as They Call Her One Eye and is widely recognised as the main influene behind Quentin Tarrentino’s Kill Bill series.You can totally see the resemblances in this film.Thriller Stars the always lovely Christine Lindberg (Maid in Sweden,Anita,Exposed) as Frigga a woman who was raped as a small child and now lives with her parents on their farm.Ever since the experience as a child she has not talked at all,So her parents send her to many expensive doctors for therapy to help and get her passed the Horrowing event from her past.One day Frigga is off to town for one of her appointments and she misses her bus out of the farmlands,A man in a nice car pulls up and offers to give Frigga a ride ,which she suprisingly eagerly excepts.We find that the man is tony who is a quite wealthy playboy type as he convinces Frigga to go to dinner with him at a fancy restaraunt and then after he takes her back to his place for drinks.Turns out Tony is not the nice guy he portrays to young Frigga as he drugs her and she passes out for several days.When she awakes ,she finds that tony has been pumping her full of heroin in order to get her hooked,This is all part of his plan to make Frigga his newest addict prostitute.Tony runs an upscale yet seedy underground brothel where he kidnaps young women and gets them hooked to heroin in exchange for a fix they are forced to do sexual favors for him and his clients.When Frigga gets her first john she attacks him clawing at his face ,so Tony in order to teach frigga a lesson carves her eye out with a scalpel.After she is healed she becomes more popular with the clients as they all refer to her as One Eye.There is plenty of nudity and sex in this film which in this case is not a bad thing because in my opinion Christine Lindberg has got to be one of the most beautiful Actresses of all time.She has one of the cutest faces and she has some of the most innocent and welcoming eyes I have ever seen,This is not to mention that her body is flawless as well possesing some of the nicest natural breasts on earth.Anyway back to the story,After listening to another hooker talk of how she plans to save her money and escape to sweden for rehab ,Frigga decides to come up with her own plan of escape.Revenge. Frigga starts saving the money she recieves from her johns in order to pay for training in Karate,Marksmanship and Stunt driving,becoming all together bad ass.After her training is done Frigga initiates her plan of vengeance killing off her johns one by one via Sawed-off shotgun.Tony finds out about this and hires hitmen to take out frigga to no avail because she is more skilled than said assailants.Finally Frigga gets a chance to get back at Tony and this sets the stage for an elaborate Duel between the two,of course with Frigga getting the best of her man and very cleverly beheading him.
They Call her one eye is the essential Grindhouse film,and is a must have for fans of the revenge genre.There is very little dialogue throughout the whole film but what it lacks in words it more than makes up for in scenery,stylishly shot action sequences and plot.I enjoyed this film thoroughly and even though it is slow at times it pays off in the end.The film really manages to capture your sympathy for this girl and you really want to see her get back at those who have hurt her throughout the films duration.Christine Lindberg was the perfect choice for the role of Frigga due to her Youthfull and innocent looks although she was a nude model for sometime she does not strike you as a girl you would find in such pictures and films.I am a huge fan of Lindberg and this is one of her best if not the best picture she has ever been in.So for fans of grindhouse cinema or revenge flicks like I Spit on your Grave:day of the Woman, I would highly recemend you check this one out.Just make sure you get the uncut version,because this one much like womans prison massacre is raped (no pun intended) in it’s cut and rated forms.
4 out of 5 for this one
simply a must have for fans of cinema in general but especially those into exploitation.

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