Friday, September 17, 2010

Video Vixens

Video Vixens (1975)

As cheestastic as this movie is,I cannot stress how much I enjoyed it.
Poor Clffiord Bradley is the netork programmer for a local T.V. Network WKLITT,and he fears there is a conspiracy abound to rid humans of their sexual desires.So what does he do to fight the powers that be? He contacts low budget porn director Rex Boorski and his lovely sidekick/girlfriend Inga (played by the stunning Robyn Hilton) to put together a Porno Academy Awards show on his channel.but who will host such a grand event,well no one better than the networks overly conservative movie reviewer Gordon Gordon.During the award show we get clips from these faux stag films such as "The Milkman" which features a heavyset man delivering milk to a woman while her husband is not home and he then begins beating her with random whips and flogs that are visibly handed to him by stage hands just off camera and another nominee in the "documentary" category features rex Borski during a casting couch audition and finishing prematurely on camera.Also we get some hillarious comercials during this program like one for a dial a whore escort service and another featuring a bunch of lovely women partying nude in a swimming pool to advertise Kentucky Dildo company.This film is never short on grtuitous nudity but it also doens not lack on the laughs it sets out to provide.If you enjoy films like The Kentucky fried Movie , Amazon women on the moon and The groove tube then the chances are pretty high that you will get a kick outta this film.Is it a great movie by most standards no but I gotta say I loved it.I could watch this movie over and over agin and that to me is a good movie,I mean that is truly all you could ask of a film is to be entertained and this film does just that.take some 70’s SNL or SCTV humor add a dash of pre silicone nudity and you have got a winner.I highly recomend that all fans of comedy out there check this one out.
final verdict on this gem 4 out of 5 just based on the commercial breaks alone this one is a success.
Troma released this on DVD and you should grab it if you could find it ,it can probably be found cheap.

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