Friday, September 17, 2010


Slugs (1988)
Slugs:The Movie
Muerte Viscosa

Now we have seen Killer Crocs,Killer Dogs,Killer Frogs,Killer Cats and even Killer tomotoes but none as viscious as these Killer slugs.
Slugs focuses around a small town that has been invaded by these carnivorous little vermin.Turns out that the main water supply to this town used to be a toxic waste dump years back and was then turned to landfill.Well something caused the waste to go into the main sewers for the town turning slugs into blood thirsty parasites.The movie has quite a bit of gore in this one,and some very brutal scenes.A gardener gets a slug in his glove and cannot remove it so he chops his hand off since that makes sence right? then his house explodes due to a chemical spill.several folks are eaten alive in vivid detail that would make a fulci zombie flick fan proud and One guy in particular eats a slug in his salad by mistake and the slugs then breed in his system and come bursting out of his face at a dinner meeting,Nice way to get a lasting impression.The towns health inspector Mr.Brady along with his friend the sanitation dept. manager and a scientist begin investigating these vermin and find that in fact they are carnivorous and have been mutated due to the toxic waste placed there several years prior.The scietist comes up with a chemical that explodes when it hits moisture and the group devise a plan to dump this chemical into the sewers of the town in order to get rid of the Slugs.Why they didn’t just think of salt is beyond me.In fact Mr.Brady’s wife even mentions salt earlier in the film and I would think that it would be a much safer alternative than the chemical.The group does in fact dump the chemical into the sewer main and it explodes destroying most of the town,causing more damage then the slugs themselves ever could,Even further proof that Salt would have been the better alternative.Slugs is a pretty decent little flick with some gruesome scenes ,so for gorehounds out there this one is choice.The story is a bit ridiculous but then again this is a 80’s horror flick so that kinda comes with the territory.Some of the characters are downright obnoxious and for the most part stupid so you are glad to see the Slugs get the upper hand on those folks in gruesome fashion.This one is a pretty good little film that strays from the usual hack and slash homicidal maniac on the loose schtick that were so popular in the 80’s,so if you are in the mood for something a bit gory but are tired of the standard slasher this one is a good choice.
3 out of 5
Slugs is a enjoyable flick for what it is and does have it’s moments of greatness strewn about although the ending with the chemical is just downright idiotic knowing that salt would have done the job sufficiently without destroying the entire town.This one is worth a watch if you havent seen it.

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