Friday, September 17, 2010

Motor Psycho

Motor Psycho (1965)
A.K.A. Motor Mods and Rockers
Russ Meyer

Motor Psycho is not your typical Russ Meyer Film,In that the focus of this one is not Just T and A.Although the trademark vixens are featured here ,they are not nude through the whole thing.Motor Psycho opens with a couple out by the lake relaxing,The husband fishing and The beautiful busty wife sunbathing.All appears pefect until Three nikers Led By Bramin an ex vietnam veteran arrive on the scene.Bramin goes to approach the lovely sunbather and kisses her while she is sleeping ,she awakes to find out this is not her husband and screams bloody murder.The husband runs to the rescue only to be jumped by the three bikers and left for dead while they have their way with the wife.After this scene we meet our main hero Corey the county veterinarian and his lovely wife.While his wife takes a walk she is cut off by the bikers and they attempt to put the moves on her which is put to a halt when corey arrives .Later when Corey leaves town to check out a local Horse breeders stud.When he arrives back home he finds that his wife has been brutally attacked and raped by the bikers,The towns sheriff (Played Russ meyer) is a creep and absolutely no help.Corey vows to get revenge on the bikers and along the way he runs into Ruby(Hajii : Double D avenger/Ilsa Harem keeper of the oil shieks/Beyond the valley of the dolls/Killer drag queens on dope) ,A french woman who was attacked by the gang along with her husband who was shot and killed.the rest of the film follows the two as they hunt down the gang through the desert.There is a rather funny scene where Corey gets bitten by a snake and he is telling Ruby how to remove the venom and he keeps yelling "Suck it ,suck it out!" while her head is slightly off camera below his belt line,Here you can see the beginings of Meyers humor he went on to use in his sex comedies later in his career.The gang in the film quickly gets smaller as one is shot down by Bramin for wanting to leave and another leaves when Bramin starts to lose it and begins having flashbacks of his time in Nam’.The final showdown takes place at a canyon and corey takes on the gun wielding Bramin with no weapons.The film is pretty good for what it is , a campy action flick.The woman as usual are gorgeous which was Meyers on going theme in all of his movies.Although I do prefer Russ’ later sex romps more than this and I also liked his other contribution to this genre Faster Pussycat Kil,Kill! better as well,But Motor Psycho is a fun film there is no denying that.After all is done This is a good film but if you are looking for the trademark titties that Mr.Meyer’s is known for this one is not for you,you will be sadly let down.I recently saw a film "Killer drag queens on dope " which had a cameo featuring Hajii and she still to this day remains beautiful,Meyers really had an eye for the female form.
3 out of 5

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