Friday, September 17, 2010

The Sinful Dwarf

The Sinfull Dwarf (1973)

Sinfull dwarf is a strange movie to say the least.This is the story of Peter and Mary , a young cuople down on their luck searching for a place to stay.The couple finds a run down apartment complex managed by Mrs. Lila Lash and maintained by her "son" Olaf ,a demented little dwarf played by Torben Bille ,who plays his role flawlessly.Lash secretly runs a brothel out of her attic where she holds three young girls captive and manages to keep them relatively quite and powerless by getting them hooked on heroin against their will.Mrs.Lash is an ex-broadway style actress/performer and throughout the film she bursts into song and dance to entertain her elderly drunken friend who seems to always be stopping by.Mary begins to grow tired of the noise in the complex but not just the endless song numbers . She stats to hear womens screams with no clue of where they are coming from and she begins to notice a growing influx of men coming and going at all hours heading into the storage attic.While Peter seeks work,Mary is left behind at the complex and she decides to investigate the sounds and finds nothing.Peter eventually gets a job delivering stuffed bears for a man named Santa Claus , who happens to smuggle heroin inside his toys.Mrs. Lash is in need of some new girls and she takes a liking to Mary as she fits the bill perfectly.One day while Peter is at work Mary finally finds what she is looking for and reveals the captive women but unfortunately for her she is caught and taken hostage herself.Olaf chains Mary up and drugs her amongst other things ,Like brutally raping her with his cane in graphic fashion,Making for one of the films more stomach turning scenes . Peter returns and grows suspicious of Mary’s disappearance ,he goes to the police after finding a note and also finding about the heroin racket run by santa accidetly . The police trace the drugs to Mrs.lash’s place and this leads to the final showdown and downfall of Lash’s opperation.This movie is not gory at all but it is definitley not for the faint of heart.There are some really brutal rape scenes and torture scenes throughout and the version I have is the XXX uncut version which does in fact include some straight up hardcore simulated rape scenes Meat and potatoes and all.As far as I could tell these are the only scenes that would be cut to make it a unrated version and in all honesty they add nothing to the film other than making it a bit more creepy.The atmosphere and characters of Mrs.Lash and Olaf are downright disturbing and succeed on many levels to make the viewer feel uneasy just watching them.The opening theme has got to be one of the strangest I have ever heard but it is seriously awesome.This movie kind of reminded me of Private Parts ,which in my mind is a good thing.The sinful Dwarf is definitley worth a viewing if you are looking for something completely out of the ordinary . A very good exploitation/horror that works with very little and pulls it off effortlessly.
3.5 out of 5

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