Saturday, September 25, 2010

Thou Shalt Not Kill.....Except

Thou Shalt Not Kill.....Except (1985)
Sgt. Stryker wounded in a failed  Ambush attempt During the  Vietnam War arrives home at his cabin secluded in the woods and attempts to restart his life as normal. He hooks back up with a high school sweetheart and all looks well until A Religious Cult Led by a crazy Native American Hippie Played by Sam Raimi (Director of Evil Dead/ Spider man/Drag Me To Hell), Show up Killing townsfolk in Manson style massacre Home invasions. Three of Sgt. Strykers old Platoon members on leave decide to pay Stryker a visit and they spend time reminiscing and sharing war stories, When They find out that Otis, Strykers girlfriends grandfather has been killed and  The Sergeants girl Sally has been kidnapped by this cult.The platoon now regroups for some warfare on american soil this time and arm themselves to take out this Viscous cult. The movie really starts to pick up at this point and the body count starts to rise at a rapid pace, There is allot of good gruesome scenes during the war with the cult including Garden sheers through the eyes, Gunshots a plenty and impalement by Tree branch.One of the platoon members is stabbed but he survives and the final showdown is between Stryker and the Cult Leader who apparently is convinced he is invincible Because he believes he is the second coming of Christ, This theory is proven joke worthy when he is shot and falls of a cliff to be skewered by Two large tree limbs. As far as the small niche of War/ Horror films including such films  as Tromas War and Combat Shock, this one is pretty darn good. Sam Raimi is entertaining as the very odd Cult Leader and The build up to the final battle is well paced and nicely pieced together as we get just enough character development to care about each of the platoon members involved. High on gore and humor this film is truly a fun one to watch and for some reason I avoided this film for years and the reason why truly escapes me now as I thoroughly enjoyed this little romp into exploitation cinema.The movie is predictable but not really ever boring and that is saying allot. Definitely worth a Watch if you can find it.
3.5 out of 5

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