Friday, September 17, 2010

The Untold Story

The Untold Story (1993)
A.K.A.Bunman/Human Meat Pies/The Eight Immortal Restaraunt

The film opens up in 1978 during a Mahjong game that goes wrong and a man gets killed,we see the culprit going through the process of changing his identity and we catch up with the renamed and reestablished Wong Chi Hang 13 years later ,who apparently has just taken over the ownership of (The roughly translated) Eight Immortals restaraunt.Meanwhile the Macau Police force finds some remains washed a shore of some missing peoples,the police begins to investigate and find that the remains are those of the former owner of the establishment and his family.So of course Wong quickly becomes the top suspect.Turns out Wong has a very short temper and a pension for cheating in Mahjong ,we learn this when during another game he is caught cheating by an employee and when the man confronts Wong about it he is promptly hacked to death with a viscious clever and then his remains are grinded and prepared in Meat buns for the customers the next day.Police arrive to question Wong about the whereabouts of Cheng Poon and his family and he pleads the fifth ,while one of his employees tells the police a bit too much by Wong’s standards and ,she is quickly dispersed of once the restaraunt closes in very violent fashion (Rape with a handfull of chopsticks) and again prepared in the restaraunt for all of his patrons and this time the entire police force as well.Finally the police decide to take Wong in for questioning and use some very questionable interrogation methods,literally beating the crap out of Wong in hopes to get him to confess but, Wong is a tough cookie and is not cracking at all.The police begin to gain attention for their lack of restraint and in order to get the attenition off of their methods they decide to lock him up in prison where Poon’s brother is incarcerated for murder in hopes that the prisoners will beat the truth out of him,and boy do they try.After several very brutal beatings in prison Wong attempts to kill himself by cutting his wrists on a rough steel cup edge and then biting the veins until they burst,but the guards make the save just in time and he is trasported to a nearby hospital where the beatings ensue after he attempts escape.All of the sudden the Hong Kong authorities arrive at the Macau office requesting that Wong is released to them as they have been hunting for him for murder for over 8 years.While at the hospital the doctors and police force decide to try drugging Wong and keeping him awake until he finally breaks which after a long and painfull series of torture scenes he finally does.This leads to another extremely graphic scene showing what exactly happened to the family of the restaraunt owner.Again a mahjong goes horribly wrong when Wong wins and is not paid his due,Poon refuses to payup and Wong loses it attacking the family and ties them all up then forces Poon to watch him bite a chunk off of his wifes face then stabbing her to death with a broken bottle ,cutting his young sons throat before stabbing Poon in the neck with the bottle as well.This leaves only Poons four very young daughters alive which Wong quickly dispences of them with a very large butcher knife cutting all of their throats and decapitating one.Not content with just that Wong then picks up Poons mother in law and brings her to the restaraunt to witness the carnage before offing her with the blade as well.The police then ask what Wong did with the bodies and he smiles and laughs telling them that they in fact have eaten them.Once again Wong is incarcerated in Macau and they plan to put him to trial but Wong beats them to the punch and proceeds to cut his wrists with a soda can lid killing himself before sentenced.
This film is one I used to see all the time years ago and was hestant to pick up because for some reason I thought it would be too much for me to handle ,but now that I have been sufficiently descencetized I decided to give it a go and of course it is out of print in the states ,so I went through a Hong Kong Distributor and I am glad I did.This movie is indeed over the top in the gore department but it has alot of comedic aspects to it as well with the antics of the police force.I really enjoyed this film and if gorehounds out there can not miss this one,it is top notch.The story in this one is supposed to be based on a true story and if that is true than wow what a tale indeed.In fact there is a similar thing that happened in my hometown that resembles this tale very closely which is another reason I wanted to check this one out.Anywho if you enjoy gore there is plenty here and if you are a fan of any of the tokyo shock films or asia extreme films this is a must see because this one kind of set the trend for future ultra violent japanese movies.
If you can find this one pick it up it is truly an awesome cinematic experience.
4 out of 5

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