Friday, September 17, 2010

The Corpse Grinders

The Corpse Grinders (1972)

If you have ever heard the term camp and were confused as to what it means,then check out this film.Corpse grinders is the epitome of camp.With a title like The Corpse Grinders I was expecting something along the lines of "They don’t cut the grass anymore" something filled to the brim with gore and guts,well instead what I got was something the likes of what you would see on Mystery Science Theatre 3000.The film is about a cat food company run by some very shady individuals,who decide that it would be a good idea to use corpses for the main ingredient as opposed to other choice meats,since there is less overhead I suppose.they hire a gravedigger to supply the bodies and once obtained they run the corpses through a grinder...ha ! I get it now The Corpse grinders,awesome.
Anyway after eating the tainted cat food the feline foodies start hankering for human flesh and start attacking there owners.The few scenes where cats are on the attack are hillarious with the victim just holding a stuffed animal close to there face and pretending to convincingly wreslte the lifeless toy as if they were in immediate danger.These scenes are reminiscent of a sketch I once saw on an old episode of Mad TV "When housepets Attack."A doctor and his nurse girlfriend decide to do some investigating once they see a reoccuring theme with the cat attacks and link it up to the food somehow,so They head out to hunt down the factory and owners of "Lotus" Cat food.The slogan for Lotus catfood is campy as well "for cats who love people".Once they find the manufacturer they do further investigation and find that the company is in fact using humans to produce the food and attempt to get them shut down and at this point the movie turns into a shitty episode of columbo.Not much gore in this one and I think it was rated R but nowadays this one could easily get a pg-13 rating,The film was made by the infamous Ted V Mikels who has a pretty extensive library of B-Movies under his belt which I have only seen one other of "Children shouldn’t play with dead things" which I remember liking quite a bit when I was younger,I may have to revisit that old gem as well as hunt down some of his other titles such as (Astro-Zombies ,Blood orgy of the she devils and 10 Violent women).Suprisingly enough this guy is still actively making movies today and that says something about his dedication to crap film,so you gotta love that .... right?
So with all this said i would give it 2.5 out of 5
It is a fun little flick you could pop on during a shitty movie night but the novelty runs out after about 30 mins into the movie or so,Not much replay value on this one.

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