Friday, September 17, 2010

Bad Biology

Fist off allow me to tell you folks out-there that Frank Henenlotter is one of my favorite directors of all time.He is one of the few Directors/Writers that I can look at all there films and say,
"Yep,I love everything he has done."
He always seems to manage to successfully combine Humor,The true grit of inner city life and gore perfectly.So when I literally stumbled upon a pretty cool movie cover and saw at the top "From the director of Basket Case,Frankenhooker,and Brain Damage."I damn near shat my pants.After almost 20 years Frank was back at his craft. But would it kick ass or would it simply suck balls, Like so many newer Horror flicks do? I know that I have become somewhat of a snob in my aging process especially when it comes to the films I enjoyed growing up (I.E. Horror)
And I find it hard to allow myself to enjoy alot of the more recent entries to the genre . So I popped the film in expecting the worst but praying that it lives up to the Self created hype and idol status that I hold Mr. Hennenloter to.
The film starts out and introduces us to Jennifer A photographer and self proclaimed Nymphomaniac who apparently was born with 7 clits on the inside of her vag.A blessing and a curse I am sure.To go along with that theme,we later meet our other main character Batz, A troubled drug addicted man who has paid a steep price for what most men wish they had....A giant penis,Though this one is of a truly different nature,yet another blessing and curse.
without giving too much away this movie is a freakshow love story that culminates into one of the weirdest end scenes in horror movie history since Sleepaway Camp.
We follow Jennifer as she finds hapless lover’s/victims and goes through her rapid process of giving births and dumping babies (Literally) and we learn more about Batz’ troubled childhood ,drug addicted present and the woes of having a 4 foot steroid addicted Penis.Eventually the two meet one another and could true love blossom in such physical tragedy?Well you will have to find out for yourself.
The film was funded and co-written by N.Y. Hip Hop underground legend and out spoken avid fan of "Grindhouse" Horror in particularly Hennenlotter’s films R.A. The Rugged Man. R.A. has done commentary on several Horror flicks lately, for the most part low budget new one’s and Older Low Budget Gems, Like Basket Case.
Since R.A. had his hands in the pot on this one we get some pretty cool cameos (If you are a old school underground hip-hop fan) .We get to see Prince Paul,Who also helped provide alot of the soundtrack production wise,We also get to see Remedy(White dude from Wu-Tang...Yeah there was one briefly), J-Zone,Vinnie Paz of jedi mind tricks and of course R.A. Himself in a short but important role in the film.So in the long short of it..I think this film fits just fine with the rest of Hennenlotters films. He did not stem far from what gave him cult status, as a matter of fact he stuck with the program that made him so awesome to fans of the genre in the first place.
Folks that have seen and enjoyed Basket Case and Brain Damage especially will find something to love in this flick, But those who do not understand the sick charm of Henennlotter’s "Genius" may find this one a bit hard to swallow.....(Pun).
This one is strictly for fans of 80’s cheesefests and all else will likely scoff at this entry,As this much like Frank’s earlier films is not your average Horror flick,And too be completely honest, That is what I love about his films.
4 out of 5
And a big thank you to R.A. The Rugged Man for bringing Henennlotter Back into the light after so Long.

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