Friday, September 17, 2010

Slumber Party Massacre 2

Slumber Party Massacre 2 (1987)

The second installment of the Slumber party massacre series takes a few tricks from the Nightmare on Elm st. bag of tricks,in the way that the killer stalks the main victim through her dreams.Courtney the younger sister of sole survivor Valeris from the previous installment is haunted by dreams of a killer wielding a Guitar drill and dressed very much like a Andrew dice clay look alike.Courtney and her bandmates decide to take a trip to one of the fathers newly bought condos for a slumber party.While at the party the usual antics take place , drinking and fornacating.then the party is broken up by Courtney’s reoccuring nightmares ,she begins seeing her friends off in these dreams.shortly after she begins seeing hallucinations while awake and some very odd ones at that,Like a raw chicken jumping out of the fridge to attack her and A friend while complaining about a zit she has ,face turns into a giant pulsing zit that explodes pus all over Courtney’s face.Once Courtneys love interest arrives at the condo and they are prpearing to elope The dream killer comes to life and kills courtney’s boyfriend.Now with her friends left with no choice but to believe courtneys word after all,they attempt to call the police to no success do to a prior call involving courtneys dreams being written off as a prank.From here on out we have your typical stalk and slash formula of the first installment ,with a brief pause for a musical number featuring our drill rocka-billy maniac.In the end pretty much everyone dies and then things get a bit screwy in the last few closing moments,where one of the victims awakes from the dead to laugh and then we see Courtney waking up in a asylum ,leading us to believe that all of the movie perhaps was a dream. Slumber Party Massacre 2 is a pretty fun little film and I for one have always enjoyed this series.Nowadays these films are incredibly hard to track down and have been out of print on dvd for some time now.This one is a harmless slasher that tries a bit too hard at times to be something it is not with the whole freddy krueger style killer ,in that he stalks victims in their sleep and is full of one liners but in the end I would say it succeeds in setting itself apart from the typical slasher films that ran rampant in video stores during the 80’s.
3 out of 5

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