Friday, September 17, 2010

Killer Drag Queens On Dope

Killer Drag Queens On Dope (2003)

Drag Queens on Dope is the story of Ginger and CoCo ,two transvestite best friends whom enjoy the simple things in life, Collecting dolls ,Shoplifting,getting high and performing the occasional hit for the mob.Ginger (Alexis Arquette) Lives with her best friend Coco who is obsessed with "Lovely Linda"dolls,Gingers boyfriend Robbie is a hitman for Uncle A’s mob but he manages to talk Ginger into doing all his dirty work for him,in order to get her money for a sex change operation.Uncle A of course does not know that the "girls" are performing these hits for him and all is fine a dandy ,flying under the radar until a hit goes wrong.
Ginger and Coco are sent to hit Richy a collector of sorts who has a "New Wave Lovely Linda doll" that is worth a bundle of dough (only $9,000 but whatever),when the girls arrive at richy’s house Ginger is distracted by a noise and goes to investigate,meanwhile coCo finds what is in the briefcase and is awestruck by the doll.She is then knocked out and the target escapes,Richy then contacts Uncle A about the girls he supposedly hired to kill him.At this point Uncle A holds Robbie hostage in attempt to get the doll from the girls who did manage to grab it.Robbie turns out to be a real jackass and decides to set the girls up in exchange forhis safety.the rest of the movie consists of Ginger kickin ass and taking names.The movie is a pretty enjoyable little campy gem with some funny bits thrown in and the obvious gay okes and stereotypes thrown about.Alexis and her friend are actually not bad looking for 2 transvestites.The movie is kind of a spoof on charlies angels style flicks,with the average shoot em up and phony karate sets.I enjoyed this one quite a bit and if you go into this one knowing what to expect there is fun to be had with this one.Alexis actually does well in the role of a kick ass "woman" with a vengeance and Coco (Omar Alexis) plays the air headed side-kick for comic relief pretty good as well.The movie was made on a very low budge and it shows but again it is entertaining.Definitley not one for those who are homophobic or anti gay but if you can get overthe fact that there is indeed Trannies in this one,you should have some fun with this one.
3 out of 5
I actually wouldn’t mind seeing a sequel to this one I found it pretty damn funny to be honest.Plus there is a character in this one named Mr.Fly that looks like Billy dee williams that is a play off late80’s blaxploitation characters that is hillarious in this one,wouldn’t mind seeing a movie centered around him alone.

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