Friday, September 17, 2010

Introduction to Bad Cinema

Welcome folks and fellow fans of bad cinema. This blog is a place for fans of Exploitation/Horror/Cult/Camp films to come and check out reviews on films they have seen or to get ideas on ones to check out or avoid at all costs. The first several reviews I post are going to be older reviews I wrote for my now defunct  group on Myspace and I will be adding new ones soon after I post all my old ones. Some of these reviews may contain spoilers and on the newer ones I will post if they contain them or not so you can avoid having to much info on a film if you are looking to watch for yourself. Not all the films I write about will be hard to find titles but for the most part I will be focusing on hidden gems of cinematic atrocities. So sit back and read what I have to say about these turds and feel free to let me know your thoughts along the way.
Thanks for visiting my site I hope you enjoy....
                                                 fans of Bad Cinema Unite!      
                                                                                          Dick Swift (Nathaniel Guest)

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