Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Doll Squad (1973)

The Doll Squad (1973)
Dir: Ted V. Mikels

The name Ted V. Mikels may not ring a bell with the casual movie fans of today but in circles of Cult film fans or followers of MST 3000 that name stands for one thing.......Cheese. The man behind films such as Blood orgy of the she devils, The corpse Grinders and The Astro Zombies. So now after all the grim films I have reviewed this week I decided to pop in one of his films to take in something lighter and I gotta say I was pleased with this lighthearted cheese fest. Doll Squad is Basically your traditional secret agent movie such as James Bond although with a much lower budget and instead of a womanizing Playboy in the lead this time we get a group of 6 foxy super-chicks. The film begins with the Senator watching a space shuttle launch from his headquarters when he receives a mysterious call asking if he is watching closely, Shortly after The shuttle explodes and the man on the phone says " Maybe next time you will listen." Determined to get to the bottom of this devious act He Hires the Doll Squad to take the mission. This team is lead by Sabrina Kincaid so he makes the call. We then are treated to a psychedelic opening sequence with funky music playing over shots of the girls shooting machine guns and kicking ass.Sabrina is on the case and heads out to round up the girls but this does not go quite as planned as there is obviously a mole in the senators office and some henchmen follow Sabrina and off the first two members before they even make it to the briefing.After coming to the conclusion someone on the inside is on the other team Sabrina goes rogue and collects her remaining girls undercover. We meet the girls all of which blending into society with regular jobs, One being a librarian, one a go go dancer played by Tura Santana (Faster, Pussycat Kill, Kill!), A Olympic swimmer and a Psychologist. The evil mastermind behind this heinous deed is Eamon O'Reilly, A former government agent, and he finds that there is a new girl in the Doll squad who is working at the carnival. He attempts to infiltrate their ranks by kidnapping her and having his girlfriend get info by disguising her as the new addition, This of course does not go as planned and the plan ends up getting his girl killed by his own henchmen.The rest of the film is your typical action fodder with the girls finding Eamons secret compound and fighting their way to the madman whos plan apparently is to unleash the black plague throughout the world via rats.The action is cheesy but fun to watch and the explosions are just pathetic but at least worth a laugh. I was surprised at the fact there is no nudity in this film being that it was made in the 70's and the main cast is all female but honestly as much of a let down that was, because the girls in this film are all beautiful, It really didn't take away from the fun this movie provides.It is by no means a serious film or a film to be taken seriously but it is a entertaining romp and that has to be some sort of an accomplishment. It also makes me want to break out my copy of Ted V. Mikels other super heroin film "The Girl With The Gold Boots" but I hear that it is god awful though I may give it a go since I own it as well. If you like secret agent movies of yester year or movies like Austin Powers which Lampooned this type of film, You will probably get a kick out of this little piece of cheese, Otherwise you are just wasting your time. If you want a more serious lesser known secret agent movie check out Diabolik but if you want a good laugh check this one out.
2.75 out of 5

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