Friday, September 17, 2010


Nekromantik (1987)
Dir: Jorg Buttergeit

For years I had heard fans of indie and cult horror go on and on about this film and it’s awesomeness and earlier this year I was able to find this flick on DVD at a reasonable price (Due to it’s rarity it usually goes for close to 80 or more $$$ ).I have had it for months and it just kind of sat on my shelf until last night I finally got around to checking it out.So on to the film....
The movie focuses on Rob and Betty a young couple who are eccentric to say the least.Rob works for a Street cleaning service of sorts that cleans up the aftermath of car wrecks.On his job one day Rob comes across a burnt corpse which he takes home for his girlfriend Betty and she proceeds to make love to this corpse.From here on out we learn that both of the young lovers are necrophilliacs among other mental ailments.In all honesty the film is a bit hard to follow but it does successfully take one into the mind of a madman , with dream sequences and some very private moments with dead things.There are a few rather gory scenes in this film but actually not much in the body count department.Rob’s girlfriend leaves him and takes off with the corpse she has fallen in love with and Rob has a meltdown from there on out leading to a truly disturbing masturbating/suicide finale that has to be seen to be believed.truth be told I was expecting a bit more out of this film due to all the hooplah I have heard throughout the years,but it does accomplish a really genuinely creepy feel and I can see why the film was banned and has become so rare for so long.There is a scene of a rabbit being killed and skinned in full detail which is what probably stemmed alot of the talk and hate/love for the film amongst fans of the genre.I have the sequel which I am looking forward to checking out and This film has stemmed some interest in me to check out the directors other work like Der Todesking and Schramm,but really this film is just random and very strange.If you are a fan of stranger more psychological Horror than you may enjoy this film but it is not one for the squeemish or easily offended and also animal lovers will hate this one just as much as The early faces of death films and cannbal Holocaust due to the rabbit salying and a particular scene involving a cat and a trashbag.If you are looking for a slasher flick this is not anything like that so dont bother and with it’s price being so high and the film being so hard to obtain it is really only one for collectors of extreme cinema and fans of the exploitation genre may also find something to enjoy in this one so........Is it a great film? not really but it did accomplish one thing , it did make me interested to see what else this director is capable of so I guess that is a good thing.My rating for the much talked about Nekromantik
3 out of 5
Again though strictly for completists of the extreme genre

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