Friday, September 17, 2010

Nailgun Massacre

Nailgun Masacre (1985)

this one is a personal favortie of mine,eventhough it is one of the worst acted movies ever made.
The movie begins with a woman who comes across a group of obviously sexually frustrated construction workers who rape the young woman.shortly after people end up dead to the hands of a Nailgun.the killer dawning a full camoflauge suit and motorcycle helmut complete with air presure pack and nail gun.
the killings in this movie are very predictable and too often slapstick and more funny than gory.Like for instance a man puts his hand up to his face directly where the nail goes seconds after the initial nail was shot.several nut shots later,we find the victims are the same guys who raped the young girl earlier.
the killer is rather short and thin in comparison to the slasher greats we have come to know and love i.e (michael myers/jason/leatherface)
leading us to believe the killer is a girl (which it is it turns out to be the woman raped in the opening scene) no big suprise there,anyway.This movie is rather funny with the killers cheesy punchlines after the murders and there is a scene that really seals the deal for me in this movie where a couple in a car pull over to the side of the road for a quickie,the girl in this scene has some really exceptional pre-silicone era tits,actually they are really nice I wonder why she never got any other work in horror films after this performance.anyway the couple is going at it and in the background the car stereo blasts a song entitled Fooose Ball (a song inspired by table soccer .....?Awesome) after the song ends the d.j. comes on and says he is gonna play another hit song only to repeat the same exact song....priceless.shortly after the couple is killed while in the act and the killer makes a comment about the woman victims exceptional upper endowment,which I found rather humorous.anyway there is not much else to write about on this film being that it is by no means a classic,but it has stood the test of time with me just due to the utter ridiculousness of the film is a film in the same veign as last house on the left and I spit on your grave yet it is a weak attempt at the "revenge" film genre.I recomend this film to fans of bad cinema and stoners alike due to the fact you dont have to pay very close attention because there is not much to miss and the plot is not too in depth to follow.a few good death scenes more funny than anything else.It still is one of my personal favorites just for those reasons alone,plus I wish I could find that damn fooseball song on c.d. it is so damn catchy.

Nailgun Massacre
3.25 stars out of 5 from me.

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