Friday, September 17, 2010

Sex Bomb

Sex Bomb (1989)

Sexbomb is a weird movie to categorise.It is the tale of King Faraday a low budget movie producer and his gold-digging wife candy (played by delia sheppard).During the filming of his latest "epic" entitled "rip my flesh with pliers" he fires a stagehand the director had brought in to help add depth to the killer in the flick.The next day Lou Lourod (the fired stagehand) returns to beg for his job back or give him a piece of his mind but is halted by the beautiful candy,who then convinces him to go back to her place and seduces him.After the two engage in intercourse ,Candy begins trying to talk lou into killing King for her so that she could inherit his fortune.from here on out the film follows the two as candy plots and Lou continues to talk her out of the murder.candy then tells king that lou is a screenwriter and king hires him on to write his next film.Agter working under kings whip for awhile Lou realises how much of a dick King is and starts to rethink the whole murder idea.later King has a heart attack during a argument with Lou and then candy finds out that she is not in the will.After realising this she decides to frame lou for the crime calling it cold blooded murder.Lou teams up with one of the actresses(Linnea Quigley who is absolutely adoreable int this film) to get back at the coniving Candy.Sex Bomb is a pretty typical cheesball 80’s Dramedy although it is kinds hard to categorise this film,I suppose it is just a comedy Although there are only a few scenes that are actually funny.The only redeeming feature in this film are the nude scenes of Candy Faraday,The actress playing her Delia Sheppard is smoking hot and has got to have some of the nicest breasts ever to grace the silver screen and her backside is nothing to scoff at either.She is truly a gorgeous specimen and if it were not for her few scenes in the buff this film would honestly be nothing but alot of fluff and shitty acting.Well other than The extrordenarely cute Linnea Quigley and a pretty funny Music video scene featuring the killer from Rip my flesh with Pliers chasing Linnea around a really shitty 80’s metal band.This is by far not the worst movie I have ever seen but it is just kinda forgetable,It does provide a few laughs and wouldn’t be a horrible choice for an 80’s movie night but you could do much,much better.
Final verdict 2 out of 5
If they would have added a few more scenes of Delia Sheppard and Linnea Quigley nude I would have rated it higher,but that is just the perv in me thinking out loud

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