Friday, September 17, 2010


StarBooty (2007)

So after being drawn in by the second season of Ru Pauls Drag Race......Insert Joke about how I’m "Gay" here..Which I am not ,But I am not scared to watch homo-cinema now and then because truthfully It just don’t bother me and more often than not it is hilarious. Anyway, During an episode Ru Paul was plugging a film that she had made and honestly it looked funny as hell, let me tell you that after hunting this film down I was not let down because this shit is a riot. Ru Paul plays StarBooty, a Secret agent/Supermodel who goes undercover as a prostitute named Cupcake in order to save her kidnapped "Niece?" Cornisha. It appears that Cornisha was abducted by Star’s arch-nemesis Annaka Manners ,Played by Transsexual actress Candis Cane...If you came into this movie not paying extremely close attention you would swear that Annaka was a genetic woman actress , as she is mind blowingly hot. Back to the story at hand.The film is sort of a spoof on the over the top styles of Drag Queens and also takes some shots or at least some inspiration from the 70’s Blaxploitation genre. The films fight scenes take alot away from this film because they are honestly horribly shot and choreographed But the meat (No Pun Intended) of the film is in it’s insanely stupid dialog,Which I am certain is done for comedic effect and it works very well.The comedy is very low-brow in this one and I thought it made this film a fun romp through a new world where Divine is King (Or Queen). Now if you are even the slightest bit homophobic or are made uneasy by full frontal nudity, Yes there are quite a few giant swinging dicks in this one, than this is one to steer clear of.Even I thought some of the raunchier scenes (and there are plenty) were a bit much but I took it with a grain of salt knowing that for the most part Drag culture is all about pushing boundaries and shock value.I mean look at any of the older John waters films starring Divine (i.e. Pink Flamingo’s comes to mind) and you will understand
what I mean.The cast of characters is something straight out of a water’s film with a dash of the film private parts (Not the Howard Stern One) which makes for some colorfully creepy additions to the cast, there is alot of cameo’s by what I assume are famous drag queens and gay porn stars which again will detour most straight folks from this one.Cupcake eventually finds Annaka and Cornisha which leads to a ridiculous plot twist in the end but all in all this movie is one of the oddest and truly off the wall funny movies I have ever seen. Out of the 2 Drag queens films I have reviewed in my review group I would have to say that drag Queens On Dope is a better yet similar film and probably would be wider excepted by non- gay film fanatics due solely to the fact that there is so much male nudity in Starbooty,
But all balls aside this is worth a watch if you can handle that and if you enjoy Cheesy comedy like fart jokes and burping drag queens which sadly I have to say sometimes I do.....This is a fun film but definitley not one to watch with a group of "Dude’s" because unless they are as open and comfortable with their sexuality as I am this film won’t last past the first ten minutes before you start to get strange looks and shit talking storms you will never live down.
StarBooty gets 3 out of 5
For the over the top raunchiness if only it had Tatiana and Pandora Boxxx from season 2 Drag race to round out the cast because Pandora is a comedic genius and let’s not even get me started on Tatiana.....(She is something else entirely)
Now that I have gayed it up for the day, I have to go oggle some woman to potentially molest for some reassurance.

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