Friday, September 17, 2010

Sleepaway Camp

this movie in it's self is a typical slasher/camp film where teenagers are terrorised by a psychotic killer. what sets this movie apart from the others of this genre is who the killer ends up being and the twists that lead you to see why the character is as deranged as she? is.

the movie focuses on a young very shy girl angela at camp arawak who all the popular kids seem to never get enough of teasing and torturing .problem is

angela is not what she seems, when she gets fed up with the treatment she is recieving people start coming up missing.the councelors at the camp are puzzled as to who the killer is searching and stumbling across false leads and clues until the final climactic scene which leads the remaining councelors to the waterfront where they find angela carressing her crush nude in the dark, when she turns around they realise that not only that her young lover is dead/beheaded but that angela is in fact not a girl at all.

she stands up holding the young boys head in all of her glory to show she has yep you guessed it (full frontal nudity shot) a penis.

this movie has always stuck in my head since my childhood because of that last scene the shit is truly nerveracking..

I love this film so much that I purchased the whole series and eventhough the gore on parts 2 and 3 are more in your face nothing has been able to compare to the last few frames from the original.

oh and by the way the actress felicia rose who stars in the original as angela has become quite a hottie as she has gotten older.I wish she would have been in the rest of the series to reprise her role as the loveable angela, but she was replaced by pamela springstein (yep, the boss' bruce springstein's sister).

4 out of 5 for the original twist ending alone.

p.s. adult swim fans may have noticed that they even spoof this film on robot chicken with toys replaying that very odd twist of an ending to this film

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