Friday, September 17, 2010

Killer Party

Killer Party (1986)
A.K.A. The April Fool

Well it is the fourth of July folks and instead of being out and about and partaking in a Killer Party.Here I sit reviewing The crap stain that is Killer Party.Then again what is more american than the old tried and true Campus Slasher flick?
Killer Party centers around three college girls Jennifer,Phoebe and Vivianne who are looking to get accepted by a sorority on campus.During there initiation Vivianne who is quite the prankster ,stages a decapitation and poutregeist.This apparently awakens the spirit of a dead Fraternity brother who was killed during a April fools prank some years ago,oh and for some reason the man was burried on campus near the sorority house.Jennifer and phoebe were accepted into the sorority and vivianne was purely due to her pranking ability.See the Goats (sorority) have a party planned and want to scare a campus frat.The party ensues and for some reason it is a costume party on april fools day ,although they do mention a halloween party through the film as well so I have no idea what is really taking place here.Anyway people start getting killed during this party by someone in a old fashioned scuba suit,by Trident,guillotine,electrecution,machette,hammer and even a spear gun,but the problem with this is that it is all done off camera.Turns out that Jennifer has been taking over by the spirit of the dead frat brother and he apparently had supernatural powers.This movie is a total stinkbomb,and really has alot of continuity problems with the story.this may have to do with the fact that this movie was originaly filmed in 1978 but was cut due to financial troubles and then went back into poroduction in 1984,perhaps they forgot what movie they were making in the first place.The begining of the film also throws the viewer for a loop with not one but two completely different scenes that have absolutely nothing to do with the initial film.Like a scene where there is a couple at a drive in theatre watching a horror film (which is also shown) and then when she returns to the car from the snack bar we break into a full on 80’s hair band music video,featuring shots of the band spliced with scenes of a girl running through the drive in trying to evade zombies.
Now true The Campus Slasher is about as American as apple pie but this one is more likely to give you the runs.
1.5 out of 5
If the killings were shown it would have boosted this one up a bit,but you could tell that they tried to do way too much with this one.

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