Friday, September 17, 2010

Cheerleader Camp

Cheerleader Camp (1987)

A.K.A. Bloody pom Poms

Well for this review I thought I would review a film that I am quite fond of ,that film being Cheerleader Camp.
Cheerleader camp is your typical Slasher flick and in all honesty not much sets this one apart from others of it’s kind,Although it does have a nice twist at the end.The film focuses on a group of Cheerleaders at Camp Hurrah,looking to do well in the competitions and head to state championships.You got your requisite characters here,you got the Hero in the form of Alison (Betsy Russel) the less popular but down to earth pretty girl who is head cheerleader, You got Pamela (teri Weigel) the bitchy hot chick who is always stabbing her friends in the back, you got the dumb one in the form of bonnie harmless and cute,you got the hunk of sorts in brent (Leif Garrett),The fat guy Timmy (travis McKenna)for comic relief and you got the loner mascot cory (Lucinda Dickey).
Things start to get a bit hectic once a rival cheerleader is found dead from an apparent suicide.After this Alison begins having bad dreams and visions of murders,which later cause her to think she may be responsible for the deaths of the fellow campers.Jealousy brews when Pamela tries to make a move on Brent,Alison’s boyfriend.When Pamela is found dead due to a rather gruesome hedgeclipper through the mouth scene ,Alison once again begins to question her dreams from reality.from here on out it is pretty standard slasher fare,as one by one campers begin to go missing.The film throws a few "suspects’ at you like Pop (george "Buck" Flowers) the groundskeeper who is rather creepy and the bitchy camp counselor with a thing for Cosplay.There are some quirky little bits in this one like when timmy dresses up as a woman in attempt to get some video footage of the girls naked sunbathing,Which features a lovely scene of teri weigel post penthouse yet pre porn career (also pre implants)and a scene where Brent and timmy perform a rap song routine that is as cheesy as it gets.Some of the killing in this one are pretty good but for the most part they are off screen which I always hate,but when you think about it alot of these 80’s slashers used that trick.I would rank Cheerleader Camp right up there with the likes of Sleepaway camp and the Burning in the non friday the 13th slasher category.If you are a fan of the genre you will enjoythis one,but then again if you are a fan of this type of film chances are you have already seen this one,It is a bit of a cult classic.the cast is pretty well rounded with stars suc as Lucinda Dickey who is adoreable (Breakin,breakin2:Electric Boogaloo,Ninja 3 : the Domination) George "Buck" Flowers (Video Vixens,Takin’ it all off) Travis McKenna ( Hamburger:The Movie,Batman Returns,Road house) Teri Weigel (savage Beach and countless porns and is still active today in films like Cougar Club and Droppin’ Loads)
And Betsy Russel (Avenging Angel,Tomboy,and more recently the Saw series 3-6)
So if you enjoy a fun slasher here and there this one is a good choice.
3.5 out of 5
If more of the killings were actually shown rather than hinted at this would be a 4 easily so check it out if you haven’t plus it is a nice one to have in the collecton because the cover art is awesome.I am actually waiting on the Poster from this in the mail right now, can’t wait to hang it in theliving room.

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