Friday, September 17, 2010

Splatter University

Splatter University (1984)

Dir: Richard Haines (Class of Nuke em’ High)

The film opens with William Graham escaping a mental institute by killing a doctor By Stabbing him in the nuts (Ouch!)and stealing his clothes.Then we flash forward 3 years to Saint Trinium College Where a teacher was just killed and we now meet her replacement Mrs. Parker.Immediatley she runs into troubles with Father Jensen who runs the school due to her alternative teaching methods and it also doesn’t help matters that she has taken a liking to a fellow teacher Mark.From here on out we meet the requisite annoying horny students and they start dropping like flies at the hands of a black gloved killer.Some of the killings in this one are pretty brutal but not creative,just the standard hack and slash but they are for the most part pretty well done,And you get way more gore if you can track down the unrated version of this film.Like for instance there is one scene where a couple of students are at a drive in ,and the girl just informed her boyfriend that she is pregnant.While they are making out someone approaches the car and then dissapears so the Guy goes to investigate,while he is gone the women is grabbed from behind and has her throat cut.When he boyfriend arrives back at the car the killer had drug her body back to the vehicle and left her in the front seat.The Guy doesn’t realise she is dead until he goes in for a kiss and her head falls off,for some reason in the R rated version this part of the scene is cut,and there are several incidents where the cutting of this film really hurts the gore factor.Either way this is a relatively good slasher though.So as the story unfolds Julie Parker starts to suspect her Love interest Mark of the killings due to his former relationship with the previously killed teacher and it doesn’t help matters that while she was investigating his house she finds a collection of news clipping regarding the slayings.Mark gets the idea that she suspects him and when he goes to explain that it is not him,Parker attacks him and goes to the campus to tell father Jensen that she knows who the killer is.This is when we get the twist and unveiling where we find whom the killer is and I will leave that to you.The killer in this film is pretty predictable but what happens in the few ending moments is not .As far as campus slashers go ,this one is pretty darn good,but if you are gonna watch it try and seek out the unrated version although both versions are good ,you just get a bit more blood and guts for your buck with the unrated version.Director Richard Haines also dirrected Class of Nuke em’ high and I absolutley loved that one and he doesn’t let me down with this entry to the Horror genre.
3 out of 5

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