Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Schramm: Inside The mind of a serial Killer (1993)

Before I start with my opening statement, I must point out that this film is the third film directed by Jorg Buttgeirit , The mind behind Nekromantik, And knowing that I still have to say.......
What the fuck did I just watch!?!
The movie is apparently a look at the dying moments of the Lipstick Killer LotharSchramm and honestly I could see these series of scenes being what flashes through a Serial killers mind in his dying moments because this movie was disturbing and quite honestly all over the place. our story begins with Lothar lying in a puddle of White house paint and blood, then flashes to random scenes of absurdity. The only story to follow in this film is of the relationship between Lothar and his Prostitute friend Marrianne which honestly is not told to in depth other than that Lothar is a Taxi driver who takes her on her jobs and she just got a high paying gig from some high rolling older men. The rest of the film is a series of odd flashbacks and only one of these actually shows a killing where Lothar murders some door to door bible thumpers by slitting ones throat and beating the other to death with a Hammer then posing their corpses in several sexual positions and taking picture of his work. There is a scene where Lothar Nails his penis to a table and all of this is shown in graphic detail, A dentist flashback/Nightmare where he has a tooth removed then the dentist carves out his eye, Another flashback where Lothar is listening to some neighbors have sex while he humps a blow up torso and A rather strange scene where he wakes up and is getting head from a Vagina creature with teeth... If none of this review makes sense it's honestly because I didn't get this movie at all. It was just random scenes thrown together with no real rhyme or reason, And the only closure we get is that Lothar died while falling off a ladder painting his house and he could not accompany Marianne on her big gig so in the closing scene we see Lothar approaching Heavens gates and getting bitch slapped by Jesus and Marianne bound and gagged looking scared at her gig.
I knew coming in to this film that it would be strange after seeing some of Jorg Buttgeirit's other work , But at least his other films I've seen (Nekromantik 1 & 2) Had some sort of story you could follow . This movie was like Eraserhead on Date rape drug Which surprisingly is not a good combination. I find it hard to give this one a fair rating because maybe I am missing something but until I find what it is  I'll give this one
1 out of 5.

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