Friday, September 17, 2010

Slumber Party Massacre 3

Slumber Party Massacre 3 (1990)

The third installment of the series returns to the tried and true slash by numbers platform.Again we get the group of "HighSchool" girls attend a slumber party and of course the guys show up and the hormones go ablaze.We also get our couple of red herrings such as a strange goth like guy whom was watching the girls at the beach playing Volleyball and is seen lurking around the house during the night and A strange pervert/peeping tom neighbor whom wants to purchase the house.What we do get in this one as the killer is a sexually frustrated young yuppie appearing man ,who was invited to the party by one of the girls who takes a interest in him.The homicidal tendencies are sparked when Ken (our killer) and Juliette (the slutty girl ) who invited him to the party are getting down to buisness and she reaches for his junk,Apparently he does not like being touche in hos no-no place.She ends up getting hers while in the tub she is electricuted by a plug in vibrator.Of course the gang finds her body and from here on out the killings are pretty cut and dry for the series,with a number of powerdrillings.we get a twist here when we find out that Ken is the nephew of the original driller killer from the first installment of the series.Not much stands out in this film other than the teamwork implemented in fighting the killer ,the girls throw bleach in his eyes and team up on him to tie him up but in the end our killer is offed in typical fashion via his own drill but of course.I would go on to say that this one is in fact the weakest in the series as the first one was setting the pace for this series and the second was somewhat of an orginal take on the genre (sort of) by taking elements from the prior installment and adding some elements of the dream killer (i.e. Freddy krueger).This installment returns to the original format but by the time this movie came out the genre had become somewhat played out.I am surprised however that there has not been a remake or at least another sequel added in the last few years since it seems any horror flick with any sort of following is getting that treatment these days and Slumber Party Massacre was at one time considered a relatively successful and popular series in the horror scene.Not much to this one and you are not missing out on much if you have not seen it,although it is a rare find on dvd these days and is somewhat of a must have for fans of the genre,so if you are a collector or a fanatic for slash films this one is requisite by default.Just truly not that great of a film on it’s own if it werent for it’s predecessors.
2.5 out of 5

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