Friday, September 17, 2010

She Devils On Wheels

She Devils On Wheels (1968)

She Devils on wheels is H.G. Lewis’ take on the biker film genre and is honestly one of the first to kick off that sub-genre in general.
In she devils we follow The Maneaters an all girl biker gang led by queen and her sturdy sidekick Whitey.The man eaters hold weekly races and the winner gets first pick of the "Stud" line , a group of male goupies .Each one getting to pick in order of placement in the race.One of the girls,Karen falls for one of the "studs" and that is strictly forbidden .So Queen forces Karen to drag this man by her bike in order to stay in the gang ,after she does so she is more respected by the rest of the group,because falling in love with a man shows weakness amongst the ranks.We also meet Honeypot the youngest prospect to the club and once she is initiated she is used as a mascot of sorts due to her being so young and cute.the initiation makes for an interesting scene involving her being stripped and covered in motor oil ,the girls then go on to recite quirky little poems to show there affection and then recite the gangs slogan "Sweat,Guts,Blood, and all men are Mothers." After the ceremony Honeypot is given up to the "Studline" and they all run a train on her.Later in the film The girls run into a rival gang ,Joe Boys Group a all male car club and the two clicks have a scuffle with the Maneaters coming out on top.After being humilliated by the girls Joe Boy and his goons plan out a revenge,They kidnap Honeypot and rape and kill her,Leaving her body on the Maneaters clubhouse doorstep.Once she is found of course yet another revenge is ploted this time by The Maneaters.They end up getting the best of joe boy via a clever placed trap and Decapitation. This movie has very little gore for an H.G. Lewis film and is nothing like any of his more famous work.Since Lewis is widely known as the king of gore many folks would go into this film expecting such but this again is no ordinary Lewis film.Unbeknownst to many gore fans Hershell made quite a few non gore films including this one , Something Weird,Alley Tramp and Blast Off Girls would be his more famous non gore entries to film.With that said ,do not go into this movie expecting Gore Gore Girls or Blood Feast and you should be pleased.She Devils in my opinion is a fun little film and actually opened the door to a whole new type of film ,The Biker revenge flick.On a sidenote I absolutely loved the Maneaters theme song that plays during the opening credits.
So if you are a fan of biker flicks and cute girls (Though there is no nudity in this film) you cant go wrong with She Devils On Wheels.
3 out of 5 on this one.

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