Friday, September 17, 2010

Headless Eyes

Headless Eyes (1971)

So as I stated before I went on a bit of shopping spree for some hard to find films and I made sure to pick up ones that covers stuck out to me when I was younger.As a child I always remembered The cover with the woman laying lifeless one the ground with a removed eye several feet from her body.The Movie Headless Eyes.After being seriously dissapointed by the previous two films I watched in this set of films I picked up I went into this one with extremely low expectations,and I was really suprisingly pleased with this one.The film is about Malcolm , a struggling artist who in the begining is caught in the act of robbing a womans house .When the woman finds him burglarising her home she removes his eye with a dessert spoon,he frantically escapes with his eye hanging from his socket from strings.After the incident we catch up with Malcolm who has taken to focusing his work around Eyes mainly freezing them in Ice and putting them on display.From this point we follow Malcolm as he stalks and kills several people in gruesome fashion afterwards removing his victims eyes for his work.the actor that portrays Malcolm is way over the top but convincingly psychotic.Most of the gore that is shown in this one is way out dated and very reminicent of H.G. Lewis’ work.Malcolm meets a young woman who likes his art and wants to train under him and suprisingly he excepts this invitation and they start a normal albeit short lived friendship.Throughout the film malcolm continues to stalk a would be actress and he eventually catches up with her in a meat packing warehouse freezer of all places in the ending scene which leads to a fitting and honestly awesome ending scene which is perfectly suiting for this killer.I thoroughly enjoyed this film and it is about as Grindhouse as you can get.If you are a fan of cult horror than this one should be right up your alley.The style of the film is very reminicent of H.G. Lewis and the best way to describe this is a cross between Lewis’ Color me blood red and William Lustigs Maniac.the film heavily focuses on the derranged mind of the killer and hurting artist.This movie is not the best by far but you could do much worse,it is a bit hard to track down but if you enjoy films like Maniac and henry : Portrait of a serial killer you should find something to like in this one.An odd little tidbit about this filmis the director / writer of the film is Kent bateman , Jason Bateman’s brother.I found that odd.
3.5 out of 5

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