Friday, September 17, 2010

Street Trash

Street Trash (1987)

So I Spose' I'll Impose My First Review pon' Yout's
Personally,The Last time I saw this movie it was on a late night show on comedy central that showed clips of cheesy slasher/gore flicks,shit had to be at least 12- 15 years ago.
But this film stuck with me,the original movie poster for this film is sick,and the film it's self is very trom-esque so I guess it was easy to remember.
The film focuses on nothing but transients,wine'os'?,and a few homeless guys who run the fields and look like they came from a failed mad max audition.
we see a bum run into a liqour store and steal a crate of mysterious liqour.
this liqour is Viper Wine........
As the viper wine starts to spread to the masses of low-lives,they begin dying and dissapearing out of the scene.
turns out the whine is melting these socialitical drinkers from the inside and turning them into blue loose stool.(why the blood and guts turns neon blue,I have no Idea).
I actually love this film because it is quite different,It is very slapstick and farfetched ,and lot's of bad acting. But there is only one other movie I can think of with this type of angle, and that would be the stuff (1985). One where the food/drink consumed, eats the victim from inside out and leaves the victim pretty much liquified.
This movie is fun and it brings me back to my childhood.
so it is not a academy award winner and most of the movies I will review will not be,but this to me is truly nostalgia.
Plus the dvd copy I found came with viper wine labels big enough to fit a pint(freakin awesome).
I would suggest you out there should give this film a look, it's not great,it's not really good even,but it's fun and it is great to play for a crowd of people due to the vulgar language,slapstick,and a few gruesome scenes.It's one of those films that is good because it is so bad type of things.....

5-Star rating
3.5 out of 5.... (Worth A Watch Especially when drunk)

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