Friday, September 17, 2010

Video Violence 1 & 2

Video Violence

Well this little shot on shiteo gem, was an interesting one.
The movie focuses around a small town , it’s locals and a small video rental shop run by some out of towners from the big city.The film starts off with a short prologue we know this because it says so on the screen, for some reason this movie has chapters in it.anyway the opening scene follows a womans journey to a sporting goods store and the employees watching her undress in the changing room on hidden camera then one worker goes in and kills her with a basecall bat on tape.then we cut to the video store and they recieve a mysterious tape in the drop box.our lead character (the video store owner) decides to find out what is on the tape and low and behold it is a snuff film.well our "hero"decides to find out who is making these films and it seems everyone in the town does not believe him and are oddly suspect anout the whole thing.well people keep disappearing and more movies start to surface until finally the lead finds who as been doing all of this and it turns out the whole town is in on it, making these films for there own viewing this would not be a bad idea for a film and I thought it was actually a pretty good story to work with and actually kind of original for the slasher genre.If it werent for the shot on shiteo quality and the even shittier acting and sound and gore effects this could have been a nice little film but unfortunately it is what it is and that is truthfully utter trash..
Final verdict 1.5 out of 5 would have been lower but I thought at least the idea behind the film was a good one but that is the only redeeming factor here at all.
watch at your own risk it may be worth it for a few laughs if you are baked.

Video Violence 2

Well this time we catch up with Howard and Eli,the main killers in the first film and now they have hacked into the television networks and put on a weekly show featuring viewer created snuff films and rate them.Now again I really like the ideas behind both of these shot on shiteos ,but again the acting and film quality ...or lack there of really drags these films down.The acting is not as bad in this one but it is still dreadfull.Really orginal storylines in the series and I liked the way they put part 2 together complete with fony comercials and everything.I am not o fan of remakes but,I would actually like to see a new revamped version of these little turds just because I dig the storyline so much.anyway I did like the sequel better than the first installment although part 2 is only about an hour long it was alot of fun watching.
I would give this one 2 out of 5
I would actually recmend this one being that it is actually alot of fun and kind of like a shitty slasher crossed with the kentucky fried movie which I like the combonation.
Def worth a watch if you got nothing to do someday check this one out.

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