Friday, September 17, 2010

Anthropophagus: The Grim Reaper

Anthropophagus:The grim Reaper

This film apparently has a few names The grim reaper/Anthropaphagus beast/
and I went into this one with high expectations since it had been banned for so long and was on the notorious Video Nasties list some years back.
Now I have seen some of Joe D’amato’s work in the past , such as Porno Holocaust/Emanuelle and the last cannibals/Erotic nights of the living dead and Zombi 5:Killing birds.
Now with the exception of Zombi 5 most of D’amato’s films are borderline porn and Porno Holocaust is just straight up porn, But joe is also well known for having over the top gore in his films as well.So I thought this one would be no less especially with it being regarded as such a gruesome film but, in honestly I found this one a bit boring.It centers around a photographer who tacks on with a group of travelers on their way to a string of hidden islands.The photographer talks the group into going off the planned course to a uninhabited island nearby.Long story short they go to said island and it is completely vacant and the island is stalked by a man or the Anthropophagus beast.A cannibal that roams the island looking for flesh.The group finds a blind girl who is in hiding from the beast and she can tell he is near by his scent, "he smells of blood" anyway .the flick is rather boring with alot of scenes of just nothing bascically.There are a few good gore scenes The standard hatchet to the face a few throat rippings by teeth and a pregnant woman being defetused by the beast through her vagina by hand while being choked to death.there is an interesting scene in the end which I could spoil for you but the cover of the film does that well eneough so just hunt that down and that will be that.
Maybe one of D’amato’s best films as far as story is concerned but as far as gore not so much and suprisingly very little nudity for one of his films.
not bad but kinda dull.
I would give this one 2.5 out of 5
The 2 disc unrated version does come with some cool cover art and extras though including a Joe D’amato documentary entitled "totally uncyt two" which leads me to believe there is a previous installment to that film but no luck finding that anywhere yet.

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