Friday, September 17, 2010

Ms. 45

Ms. .45 (1981)

Ms .45 is a nice take on the rape revenge genre,Directed by Abel Ferara (Bad Lieutenant/King of New york/Driller Killer).Set in the fashion district of New York Thana is a young mute woman who works for a fashion designer.On her way home one day she is raped by a armed robber and unbeknownst to her while this was hapening someone had already borke into her house,after the initial rape she returns home to find the would be burgurlar in her home and he proceeds to do the same.during the second rape she is able to fight back when the assailant drops his gun and she takes him out with a clothing iron to the head.Then not knowing what to do with the remians of her dead attacker she cuts him up and stores his parts in her freezer periodically bagging them up and tossing them in random garbage cans amongst the city.After this second rape Thana decides to take to the streets and dish out her own brand of vengeance,she begins to off several men with her newly aquired .45 pistol.This all begins with a man who tries to hit on her and follows her ,during this time she drops a bag of remains in a alley and the man attempts to return it to her when she blasts him in an alleyway,from here on out she plucks off a variety of creeps including a wannabe fashion photographer , a pimp and a gang of hoodlums in a park.She begins to like killing these men and even goes as far as to dress up sexy and hunt down men to kill,but eventually she starts to enjoy it too much and seeks all men as her victims which leads to a interesting scene where she picks up a man in a bar who is talking about his wife cheating on him and when she pulls the gun he retrieves it and offs himself.she begins to have rouble at home with her nosey neighbor and her dog and her manager at work who attempts to take advantage of her at a work halloween party,which leads to a awesome closing scene with Thana dressd up as a nun going ape shit blasting everyone in sight until she is finally put to an end by a female co-worker.Zoe Lund is really good in the role of Thana and she plays the innocent card very well and her fcial expressions are priceless in this film.New York streets play a equally important role in this film as settting a wonderfull backdrop and setting up some wonderfull visuals.As far as revenge flicks are concerned this one is pretty good.The director shows glimpses of brilliance here which he further achieved in bad lieutenant and king of New York and He really achieves making all men look like serious creeps in this film and everything falls into place well from the casting to the soundtrack to the backdrop of the city all nail there points precisely.
4 out of 5

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