Friday, September 17, 2010

MeatBall Machine

Meatball Machine (1999)

Meatball Machine is your typical Tokyo Shock flick along the lines of Machine Girl and the more recent Tokyo Gore Police, though I believe this film pre-dates those two.The story centers around Yoji a loveable loser and his object of admiration a female co-worker sachiko.The film starts off with two Guyver/Tokyo Gore Police like androids fighting to the death and turns out that they are humans that are taken over by a parasite that turns it’s host into killing machines,The androids seek out and fight other androids to kill and feed off eachother.Yoji finds a parasite pod after being assaulted in a alleyway by a tranny and he takes the pod home.he tries to dissect it and investigate to no avail until one night he is home with his potential girlfriend Sachiko,she begins to tell a sad story of her past to yoji which apparently awakes the pod and it takes her over.A hunter appears and rescues Yoji from certain death and it seems that this man knows alot about these beings since his daughter whom helives with was taken over at one point but was partially saved.Later we find that the hunter guy breeds these pods in order to keep is daughter fed and he sacrifices Yoji to the parasites . At this point Yoji is taken over but he kills the hunter and seeks out Sachiko which leads us to a huge climatic fight scene between the two lovers.The gore is here as usual for these type of flicks and there are quite alot of similarities between the androids in this flick and the killers in tokyo gore police are inescapable to see.If you enjoyed Gore police then you will like this film without a doubt if you did not then stray away from this film.It is hard to believe that the makers of gore Police didn’t just rip this film off and add there own twist to the story.This film is a silly good time and has something to offer the genre but nothing to out of the ordinary for the course.Fans of the genre will like it and thats about verdict for the meatball machine is......
3 out of 5

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