Friday, September 17, 2010

Takin' It All Off

Takin’ It All Off (1987)

This is the story of a Stripping school that is in financial burden,until a lovely farm girl Allison (Candi Evans) and her father (George "Buck" Flowers) arrive from there farm.Allison wants to become a stripper to make money for her and her out of work father.Only problem is Ali has a problem getting naked,which obviously hinders her stripping career aspirations.On top of that Becky (Becky Labeau) the owner of the estblishment has 30 days to make her rent or the school is going to be closed down by the sleazy owner steve.Becky and the gang decide to contact Bob ,one of the most prestigous erotic dance club owners in America and put a performance on for him in hopes of him funding the joint.He is impressed by the girls ,Allison in particular but he says he will not fund there school unless Ali can take it off.The girls decide to call up Bettie Bigones ,yes big ones (Kitten Natividad) The worlds most famous stripper ,to find out how Allison could get over her problem with "cold Tit".Turns out that Bettie had a similar problem in her begining stages and she went to a hypnotist to get over her problem.Becky and her gay choreographer Elliot find the hypnotist and proceed to put Ali under,when she awakes she cannot stop stripping.In fact everytime she hears music she has to take it off ,even in public parks around nuns and strange futuristic breakdancers who wear speakers on there chests.The song is always the same and it plays everywhere and some people like a certain waiter in a restaraunt even whistle the tune of the title track "Takin’ it off" you hear this song at least 20 times through the film.Alison begins to get overwhelmed by her new found exhibitionist behavior and wants to be cured but it is close to show time.In the end they decide to let her go on being this freakish stripping woman and they put on there show complete with slow motion jumping jacks...Hoooray! the hypnotists shows up (sidenote,the hypnotist is wanted by the police for hypnotising old folks home residents into having an orgy) and the whole crowd is put under and they all begin to strip in the end.
Alison falls in love with one of the schools towel boys Hadem’s twin brother Adam and all is good and well in the world.The end.
This flick is your typical 80’s cheesecake flick with lots of titties surrounded by a shitty story of financial wowes ,very similar to the Bikini Carwash series.For all the perverts out there ,there is plenty to look at in this one ,as the film features several softcore/hardcore and horror starlets of the era plus Kitten Natividad and you cant really go wrong with her in my eyes,with the exception of the double D avenger.There is almost nothing but nudity in this one and suprisingly the girls in this one are pretty well groomed downstairs for it being made in the 80’s which was pleasant I suppose but not expected for a movie from the 80’s.
some of the girls featured in this one were
Candie Evans:Allison (Electric Blue series and swedish erotica ,Porn)
Gail Harris :McCall the british gold digger (Electric blue series and Sorority house massacre 2)
Beck Labeau:Becky (Dinosaur Island,Bikini drive in,back to school,and Joysticks)
and of course
Kitten Natividad:Bettie Bigones (Russ Meyers’ Up:Megavixens,beneath the valley of the ultra vixens,Double d avenger and countless porns including John Holmes and the all star sex queens "which is awesome")
There is a niche market for these nudie films , so if you are one who is into them this one is a good one,but if you are not a person who grew up staying up late to watch cinemax when the parents went to bed ,this one may be lost on you.
I for one was one of those kids and I can appreciate a film like this for what it is,A harmless romp with low brow humor and an exscuse to show some skin.
3 out of 5
for the quality of woman chosen for this film.The rest of the film is shit.

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