Friday, September 17, 2010

Smash Cut

Smash Cut (2009)

Let me begin this by saying that Smash cut is probably one of my favorite Horrorfest Films to date,But it is by no means one of the best to come from that series of films, I would save that title for (Mulberry St. or Borderlands).
The reason I have come to enjoy this film so much is for the same reason many will hate it. The fact that this film not only features some of my favorite Old school horror / Exploitation Icons but it is a true throwback to the extreme Gore films of the 60’s, Mainly the works of H.G. Lewis (Blood Feast,Wizard of Gore,Etc.).In fact the film opens with a NARRATIVE BY THE Herschell Gordon Lewis. The film is about a past his prime b- horror movie director Abel Whitman played by David Hess,Of the original Last House on the left and House on the edge of the park. Movie goers start to turn on Whitman’s legendary status and start to walk out on his films for being to "Fake" and cheesy, which in this case is true.After witnessing a crowds reaction for the first time Abel hits rock bottom and goes on the town to drink and try and look for more actresses at a local strip joint. Upon meeting Gigi ,A woman he calls his Muse,he decides to take her home for a casting all of sorts.On the way though they have a fatal car wreck which kills Gigi.Seeing the blood from the accident Abel decides he will start to use real blood and corpses for his films to give them a more genuine look.From this point in the story on, The film takes a page straight out of The H.G. Lewis playbook and becomes a fun and goofy spoof of sorts on the genre.
As Abel hunts down victims for his next film we meet a odd group of characters which feature Michael Berryman (Original Hills Have Eyes fame) as his goofy producer and we meet the films two heroes.One played by Adult film star turned "Legitimate" actress Sasha Grey who plays April Carson , A news reporter who is looking for her missing sister Gigi. She hires a well known yet over the top 60’s b-movie stereotype Private dick.The two set out to find the killer and settling on the idea that Abel is responsible they decide to infiltrate his Film set.Not much more to this film other than the killings from here on out but if you enjoyed any of H.G. Lewis’ films of the past you will find something here to like.
If you are looking for suspence and drama this is not the film for you but if you want a real throwback to a day when horror was cheap and easy ,I’d say give it a watch.
Final verdict on this fun little flick 3.5 out of 5
Not for everyone but definitley one for fans of the genre.

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